A Tasty Florida Butterfly Turns Sour

UA entomologist Katy Prudic led a 15-year study that found that, when living apart from the unsavory bug it mimics, the viceroy butterfly becomes yucky, making biologists rethink old theories about animal mimicry.

Water, Not Temperature, Limits Global Forest Growth as Climate Warms

The changes are most evident in northern climates and at high altitudes, reports a team that includes UA scientists from the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.

'Searching for Certainty' is Theme of UA Science Lecture Series

The UA College of Science's popular annual lecture series marks its 14th year this year.

UA Study Suggests Possibility of Recent Underground Volcanism on Mars

A new study conducted by UA planetary scientists suggests volcanoes may have been recently boiling deep below the surface of the Red Planet.

Seeing the Forest Through the Lidar Lens

A team of ecologists used lidar technology to scan the leaf canopy of an Amazon forest and found that trees responded to drought in some surprising ways.

Solving the Ancient Mysteries of Easter Island

New research suggests the locations of the iconic monuments on Rapa Nui can be explained by their proximity to the island’s limited freshwater sources.

Pulses from a Dead Star, Little Green Men and a Historic Discovery

In 1969, UA scientists were the first to detect the optical flash from a pulsar — a stellar corpse thought to pack at least one-and-a-half times the mass of our sun into a neutron star.

UA Benefits From Astronomy Superstar's 'Failed Retirement'

The awards keep coming for Robert C. Kennicutt Jr., who was recently honored by both the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Astronomical Society.

Greenland’s Southwest Ice Sheet Particularly Sensitive to Warming

The ice fields of southwest Greenland are becoming sensitive to the North Atlantic Oscillation and will become a major contributor to sea level rise as global warming progresses.

Tucson Entrepreneurs Launch Second Fund to Advance UA-Related Startups

UAVenture Capital has launched a second venture capital fund designed specifically to help finance the commercialization of emerging and disruptive technologies formulated by UA researchers, faculty and students.


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