Declining Snowpack over Western US Mapped at a Finer Scale

UA-led researchers mapped changes in snow from 1982 to 2016 over the contiguous U.S. and found parts of the West have had a 41 percent reduction in the yearly maximum snow mass.

Bennu, Burials and (Queen) Bees: UA's Top Stories of 2018

Does an asteroid hold the clues on the origins of the solar system? Does office layout directly impact health and well-being? Does music strengthen familial bonds? UA research explored these questions and much more in 2018.

UA-Led OSIRIS-REx Discovers Water on Asteroid Bennu

Observations made by the spacecraft during its approach of Bennu reveal that the asteroid interacted with water in its early history and is an excellent specimen for the mission, which is slated to return a sample of surface material to Earth in 2023.

UA Undergrad Works to ID OSIRIS-REx Touchdown Site

Systems engineering and mathematics double major Keara Burke is helping NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft find the perfect place to collect samples on the asteroid Bennu.

Unknown Treasure Trove of Planets Found Hiding in Dust

A survey of protoplanetary disks surrounding young stars in the Taurus star-forming region turned up a number of disks with features suggesting nascent planets.

$1.5M Gift to UA to Help Shape Biomedical Engineers of Tomorrow

The gift from UA alumnus Peter Salter and his wife, Nancy Salter, will fund a new biomedical instrument design studio and corresponding course development at the UA College of Engineering.

Stopping Cancer With a Smartphone

Using an affordable, portable device that attaches to a smartphone, a UA researcher and his collaborators hope to save lives in rural Africa.

OSIRIS-REx Arrives at Asteroid Bennu

Since its launch on Sept. 8, 2016, OSIRIS-REx has spent two years catching up with asteroid Bennu on its orbit around the sun. The spacecraft's arrival at Bennu on Dec. 3 marks a major milestone, with the mission transitioning from flying toward the asteroid to orbiting around it.

$20M Gift to UA College of Optical Sciences is Largest Ever for Faculty Endowed Chairs

The gift from the college's founding dean, James Wyant, and his family will add 10 endowed faculty chairs to the nation's largest academic optics education and research program.

We're at Bennu! What's Next?

The UA-led OSIRIS-REx mission kicks into high gear while the spacecraft is on its final approach, closing in on asteroid Bennu and scheduled for arrival on Dec. 3. UA mission experts explain what comes next.


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