Classroom Resources

Teachers can borrow natural history kits created from our scientific collections of birds, mammals, fish, invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. Children can tour the Lunar and Planetary Sciences Laboratory, construct a mini Mars Lander, and do computer simulations as part of the MARS Gamma Ray Spectrometer Outreach Program. The Southern Arizona GEMS Education (SAGE) Center is also on campus. GEMS, Great Explorations in Math and Science, is a well-respected curriculum materials development and teacher professional development program. We have an extensive lending library of GEMS material available to K-12 teachers.

AnimalWatch: Connecting Math and Science
Biology Project
Do the Math TV Show
Four Corners 3-D Map
GEMS Education Center
Insect Discovery
Invertebrate and Benton Shell Collection Kits
Marine Discovery
Mathematics Teacher Recruitment Project
NOAO Education and Public Outreach
Space Imagery Center
Spanish Language Astronomy Materials
Teaching Teams Programs
Tree Ring Exercises
Tree of Life Web Project
Tucson Math Circle
Tucson Natural History Website
UA Museum of Natural History
Watershed Visualization