Classroom Visits

A series of programs hosted by different programs at the University of Arizona, the opportunities below are designed to use hands-on activities to communicate the importance of science, reinforce STEM education, and give undergraduates an opportunity to visit K-12 classrooms and apply their own education to teach other students. 

  • Arizona Mathematics Road Show - The Arizona Mathematics Road Show is modeled on The Physics Factory, and brings hands-on science activities to both schools and Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Biotechnology Laboratory Experience for High School Students (BLAST) - Students get the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art molecular biological laboratory techniques
  • BIOTECH Project - The BIOTECH Project visits high school and middle school classrooms to conduct Biotechnology and Molecular Biology activities, including DNA extraction, DNA fingerprinting, Bacterial Transformation, Protein Electrophoresis, ELISA, and PCR
  • Insect Discovery - Insect Discovery stimulates elementary student's scientific curiosity through hands-on activities involving live and preserved insects. Insect discovery provides workshops, lesson plans, adaptations, and University of Arizona Insect Museum Collection specimens.
  • Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources - The Lowell Institute’s classroom program gives students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the mined materials that build our world.
  • NASA Space Grant Program Science Speakers - Science speakers offer a diverse set of presentations on basic science questions and environmental topics.
  • Physics Factory - Includes the Physics Bus, a literal science museum on wheels, and a team of scientists who enjoy sharing their enthusiasm for STEM through hands-on learning and stage shows
  • Tree-Ring Lab School Presentations - Explore the basics of tree-ring research through exercises and presentations
  • Visiting Scholars - UA STEM students prepare presentations for Tucson high school classrooms by sharing knowledge on STEM colleges/majors, provide knowledge, preperation tactics, and survival skills of the undergraduate expirences, and speak to research expertise and interests at the University of Arizona.
  • Women in Science and Engineering - WISE visits K-12 schools to provide interactive, hands-on programming aimed at piquing student interest in STEM fields. Our program offerings change yearly.

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