All the sciences, from astronomy to biology, have worked together to discover the processes that create the current state of our universe, our world, and ourselves.  These evolutionary proocesses define the origin of the atoms that make up all matter, the origin of stars and planets, and the development of life itself.  The University of Arizona College of Science is proud to present these seven lectures.  Each will illustrate this vision of evolution and demonstrate how we know that evolution represents reality.

Feb 21 2006
Biological Evolution: What It Is and What It Isn't

Joanna Masel, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Mar 7 2006
Cosmic Evolution: From Big Bang to Biology

Chris Impey, Distinguished Professor, Astronomy

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Mar 21 2006
Earth Evolution: The Formation of Our Planet

Joaquin Ruiz, Dean of the College of Science and Professor of Geosciences

Mar 28 2006
Social Evolution: Cooperation and Conflict from Molecules to Society

Rick Michod, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Apr 11 2006
Animal Evolution: Recycling Ancient Genes for New Uses

Lisa Nagy, Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

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Apr 18 2006
Human Evolution: Tracing Our Origins with DNA

Michael Hammer, Research Scientist, Division of Biotechnology and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Apr 25 2006
Disease Evolution: The Example of HIV

Michael Worobey, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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