Three UA Researchers Earn NSF CAREER Grants

With more than $2 million in new funding from the NSF, the three will uncover new science and technology and share it with the community.

Four Questions: Hey, How About This Summer Weather?

Christopher Castro, a UA associate professor of atmospheric science, talks about Arizona's unique weather-related phenomena, including the monsoon. With UANews video.

Steward Observatory Aids Discovery of Eye of Horus

Named for the sacred eye of an ancient Egyptian goddess, it offers a unique opportunity to probe the fundamental physics of galaxies and add to our understanding of cosmology.

UA Licenses Scholarship-Matching Software

Seven years ago, the University undertook the creation of an online service to save students time and increase their ability to find scholarships. Now that technology, Scholarship Universe, has been licensed to a Phoenix company through the assistance of Tech Launch Arizona.

Organic Semiconductor Research Could Boost Electronics

A team of UA researchers in engineering and chemistry, with two women as principal investigators, has received a three-year, $590,000 NSF award.

Skimming the Clouds of Jupiter

For decades, William Hubbard, a UA planetary sciences professor, has worked on getting a spacecraft to Jupiter, closer than any have gone before. When NASA's Juno probe fired its main engines to brake while hurtling toward the biggest and baddest planet in our solar system, it marked the beginning of a journey of discovery for Hubbard and his colleagues who can't wait to unlock Jupiter's secrets.

Readying for Takeoff: OSIRIS-REx Craft Is Being Put to the Test

The UA-led mission's spacecraft, the first in the U.S. designed to return a piece of an asteroid to Earth, is now seven weeks from its scheduled launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Study: North American Forests Aren't Saviors From Climate Change

A UA-led study combined projections of future climate with tree-ring records, suggesting that forests increasingly are aching under the burden of climate change.

At UA, Weather Forecasting Is Up in the Air

A twice-daily balloon launch is part of the gathering of information at the National Weather Service's offices on campus. Two meteorologists provide a look behind the scenes at how their work is done. With UANews video.

UA-Led Team Confirms 100-Plus Exoplanets Via Kepler's 'K2' Mission

It's the largest haul of confirmed planets since NASA's Kepler Space Telescope switched from staring into one patch of sky to detecting planets along a much larger portion of the Milky Way.