Monsoon Storms Fewer but More Extreme

A UA-led study is among the first to look at long-term changes in monsoon precipitation, and the results are consistent with climate change. The region of Arizona with more extreme storms — south and west of the Mogollon Rim — includes Phoenix and Yuma but not Tucson.

Four Questions: Could Apes Talk as They Do in the Movies?

In the "Planet of the Apes" movies, a boost in brainpower is all apes need to be able to speak like humans. UA primatologists Dieter and Netzin Steklis discuss the likelihood of this scenario.

Reasons Are Plentiful for Whacking Those Weeds

Summer rains mean it's weed season, and UA expert Bill McCloskey says the invaders aren't merely unsightly. They're also capable of harboring pests and choking out native vegetation and crops. But consider all options before reaching for the chemicals, McCloskey advises.

Study Finds Molecular Explanation for Struggles of Obese Asthmatics

Obese asthma patients often struggle with control of their disease, and UA researchers including Dr. Monica Kraft and Julie Ledford have traced it to the lack of a protein.

How Mountains Hold Carbon (And Do a Good Job of It)

UA ecologist Tyson Swetnam led an interdisciplinary team of U.S. researchers to discover that mountain forests are better at storing carbon than forests found on flat land.

UA Astronomers Track the Birth of a 'Super-Earth'

"Synthetic observations" simulating nascent planetary systems could help explain a puzzle — how planets form — that has vexed astronomers for a long time.

Analysis to Figure Out How Fast Greenland Is Melting

UA atmospheric scientists have provided the best assessment of Greenland’s past temperatures. The team’s work will help project the future of Greenland’s vast ice sheet.

Monarch Butterflies Need Help From Plant Population

A new UA study highlights some of the options to restore the iconic butterfly, whose numbers have plummeted due to herbicide use and loss of habitat to intensive agriculture.

UA Pioneers More Effective Control for Border Patrol

College of Engineering researchers are designing an autonomous border-surveillance system that can collect, assess and act on data in real time — and deploy drones on its own.

UA Startup Targets Improved Student Information Systems

Five years ago, a multi-unit team set out to solve a specific problem: The UA student information system did not integrate with the D2L learning management system.


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