Professor-Student Team Brings Awareness to Virus

An open house at the BIO5 Institute led to a student's internship with immunobiology professor Felicia Goodrum on the cytomegalovirus and its potentially devastating effects.

2 From UA Solve Public Health Issue, Win Competition

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded first place and $150,000 to UA faculty for their method of predicting reported cases of the chikungunya virus.

Likelihood Low of Danger From Asteroid

Today is Asteroid Day and Eric Christensen, director of the UA's Catalina Sky Survey, discusses the chances of danger from a giant space rock slamming into our planet.

OSIRIS-REx’s First Instrument Arrives for Integration Into Spacecraft

The first of five instruments that will map and analyze asteroid Bennu as part of the UA-led OSIRIS-REx mission has arrived at the Lockheed Martin Space Systems facility and awaits integration into the spacecraft structure.

Undergraduate Researchers Are Off to the Czech Republic

Carol Bender, director of the UA's Undergraduate Biology Research Program, launched a 10-week program that sent 10 students to the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Breakthrough for Planet Hunters

A new optical component developed by astronomers at the UA and Leiden University in the Netherlands pushes the capability of detecting alien planets closer to their host stars than ever before.

UA Researcher in PBS Series on Early Humans

Michael Hammer appears as one of the experts in "First Peoples," a five-part series examining how Homo sapiens moved around the globe to become its dominant human species. The series premieres Wednesday night.

OSIRIS-REx Team Prepares for Next Step

The various instruments that will enable OSIRIS-REx to safely travel to the asteroid Bennu, take a sample and return it to Earth are being readied for shipment to the spacecraft's assembly facility.

'Tough Phase' for Cotton Growers, UA Dean Says

Arizona’s water deliveries from the Colorado River may be cut as soon as next year, and that scenario doesn’t bode well for agriculture in the state.

UA Center Studies the Link Between Climate and Civilization

The new, interdisciplinary Center for Mediterranean Archaeology and the Environment is tackling the mysteries of how the "cradle of civilization" dealt with deluges and droughts.