Scientists Solve Mystery of Blinking Brown Dwarfs

Astronomers have seen atmospheric bands and waves, reminiscent of those in gas giants such as Neptune, in brown dwarfs — strange worlds that are not quite planets and not quite stars.

UA Online: All This, and Science Too

Since its debut in fall 2015, UA Online has seen 280 percent year-to-year growth and is on target to meet or exceed Arizona Board of Regents goals. Science classes such as Roger Miesfeld's biochemistry series have contributed to the increase.

When the Sun Goes Dark, UA Student's Skills Will Shine

With the solar eclipse, junior Adriana Mitchell will be "passing the torch of collecting data all across the continent," poised to find answers to long-elusive questions about the sun.

In Hunting Supernovae, 'Get Them While They're Young'

Astronomers have caught the fleeting explosion of a Type Ia supernova in detail. Understanding how they form could have implications for dark energy measurements.

UA-Caterpillar Partnership Celebrates 1st Year

The Mining 360 Program, which brought together a dozen business professionals to learn from the UA's Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, is praised as an example of how the University, the community and industry can work in collaboration.

New Program at UA Welcomes Community Science Scholars

It's an opportunity for course auditors to attend lectures and participate in discussions at a fraction of what regular students pay — and they're allowed to take two classes per year.

Student From Honduras Uses UA as Summer Learning Base

Arriving with a prototype of a 3-D-printed robotic arm, Gabriel Vasquez made the most of an engineering professor's mentorship and is well on his way as a "science diplomat."

Pure Water Brew Challenge Brings Reclamation to the Forefront

Although a statewide campaign is garnering attention for turning wastewater into beer, it's really about educating the public, according to the UA's Channah Rock.

Startup Licenses UA-Invented Radar System for Auto Industry

The UA has licensed a pair of technologies to startup Lunewave Inc., which is commercializing the inventions to provide improved radar systems for the automotive industry.

An Insider's Perspective on the Science Behind Wildfires

What happens when a fire is "spotting"? And why does a fire want to move uphill? UA fire ecologist Donald Falk has the answers to those questions and more.


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