Does Rain Follow the Plow?

There are many factors that play a role in whether or not it rains, and UA researchers say human activity such as cultivating agricultural fields may be one of them.

UA Scientists Gear Up to 'Touch the Sun'

Researchers in the UA Lunar and Planetary Lab are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Parker Solar Probe, the first attempt to get close to the sun and study the solar wind at its source.

Astronomers Uncover Clues to the Star that Wouldn't Die

Data obtained by a clever technique that can detect light echoes hint at why Eta Carinae, the most luminous and massive star in the Milky Way, erupted like a supernova, yet survived.

UA Breaks Technology Commercialization Records

The UA has met or surpassed expectations in technology commercialization for the fiscal year 2018, as Tech Launch Arizona continues to enhance the impact of UA research for the public.

Queen Bees and the Microbial Fountain of Youth

UA students hope honey bees can serve as model systems to discover clues about how genetics, gut bacteria and diet influence aging in humans.

A Calmer Horse is Just a Sniff Away

Two years after her graduation, Isabelle Chea's undergraduate thesis on equine aromatherapy has been reborn as a published research paper in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

Study: UA Tech Park Has $2B Economic Impact

The UA Tech Park, a center for high-wage jobs, remains one of the largest employment hubs in southern Arizona, hosting 52 companies and organizations that employ 5,870 skilled workers.

UA-Related Firms Receive First Local Venture Capital Investments

Tucson's newest early-stage capital fund, UA Venture Capital Fund LLC, has announced that its first three investments will include UA-connected companies Codelucida and Regulonix.

Engineers Bring Life Source to San Carlos Apache Community

Last year, a team of UA researchers helped design and create a solar-powered water-purification bus for the Navajo Nation. This year, a different reservation's needs are in focus.

UA Students Find Foundations for Galaxy's Most Massive Stars

University of Arizona astronomy students searched 101 massive clouds of gas to find those that may be in the first phases of forming massive stars.


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