Which Car Crashes Cause Traumatic Brain Injury?

New research from aerospace and mechanical engineering professor Samy Missoum details a new method for calculating the probability of a TBI due to a car accident.

Ancient Pee Reveals Earliest Stages of Animal Domestication

A UA geosciences undergraduate developed an innovative method of using ancient urine salts to reveal when humans in ancient Turkey began shifting from hunting to herding.

Four Questions: Here There Be Monsters

Astrophotographer Adam Block talks about the galaxy known as Messier 87, home of the supermassive black hole photographed by the Event Horizon Telescope.

Powerful Particles and Tugging Tides May Affect Extraterrestrial Life

Two new studies by UA space scientists may bring into question the habitability of TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets, three of which are in the habitable zone of space.

21 UA Students Contributed to Global Effort Resulting in First Black Hole Image

Lia Medeiros, and 20 other UA students, expanded their educations by participating in efforts to see the unseen with the Event Horizon Telescope.

Chasing Einstein's Shadow: UA Helps Capture First Image of a Black Hole

With the help of two radio telescopes coordinated by the UA, astronomers in the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration have taken the first direct image of a black hole, a prediction of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

Hahn Named Dean of College of Engineering

David W. Hahn, a mechanical engineer with more than two decades experience in government, national laboratories and higher education, joins the UA on July 1.

I-Squared Awards Honor Researchers and Technology Champions

On April 1, Tech Launch Arizona hosted its sixth annual I-Squared Awards and Expo to recognize the greatest contributors to the local ecosystem of invention and commercialization from both inside and outside the university.

How the Brain Finds Meaning in Metaphor

Whether you bend a rod or bend the rules, the brain processes the word "bend" similarly, with the sensory motor region playing a key role, according to new UA research.

Startup Licenses UA Libraries E-learning Platform

Inventors at the UA Libraries developed a new e-learning platform for creating easy-to-build tutorials. Now, startup Sidecar Learning is taking it to the world.


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