Light Echoes Give Clues to Planet Nursery Around Star

UA astronomers have taken a big step forward in understanding the evolution of planetary systems, using echoes of light to determine the distance from a star to the inner wall of its surrounding planet-forming disk.

Undergraduate Researcher Presents Work on Capitol Hill

UA undergraduate researcher Alison Comrie was honored by the Council on Undergraduate Research.

I-Squared Awards Honor Impact, Innovation

Tech Launch Arizona, the UA's commercialization arm, honors those whose work directly affects the quality of life through research, collaboration and innovation.

From West Point to UA: Engineering Grad Earns Fellowship

Lt. Col. Matthew F. Dabkowski,who is completing his UA doctorate in systems and industrial engineering, has received an Omar N. Bradley Officer Research Fellowship.

UA Embraces New Lab Safety Guidelines

The University pledges a renewed commitment as the APLU releases guidelines.

Eye in the Sky: Drone to Help Students Tell Border Story

UA School of Journalism students will use drone videography and 360-degree virtual reality reporting to study issues along the U.S. northern and southern border regions.

Startup Licenses UA Technology Targeting Depression

Doctors could relieve the symptoms of acute depression in a fraction of the time required for current therapies. The new technology was invented by a collaborative team that included two UA professors.

Toxic-Spill Researchers Win $600K Haury Challenge Grant

UA professors Karletta Chief and Paloma Beamer have led an investigation of the environmental and social effects of the Gold King Mine toxic spill on the Navajo community.

UA Astrophysicist Wins Guggenheim Fellowship

The work of Feryal Ozel, who is fascinated by neutron stars and black holes, is all about getting a look at the most alien and bizarre objects in the universe.

Post-Wildfire Erosion Can Sculpt Forested Mountains

Two UA geoscientists conducted before-and-after studies of how the severe 2011 Las Conchas forest fire in New Mexico affected short- and long-term erosion rates.