Big Hunt for Small Molecule to Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases

UA researchers say that by binding to a protein, a tiny molecule could open the door to ALS treatment. They're using supercomputers in the search for one. With UANews video.

Scientist Examines the 'Lungs of the Planet' in Amazon Region

Sophisticated research by the UA's Scott Saleska has discovered that the rainforest's iconic ecosystem may be more resilient than scientists ever expected.

Sound Over Silicon: Computing's Wave of the Future

UA engineering professor Pierre Deymier is studying how quasi-particles that transmit sound and heat waves in unconventional ways can be used to build quantum computers.

Students Build Telescopes to Track Satellites

For their senior design project, five students in the UA's College of Engineering constructed two 24-inch telescopes for tracking satellites and space junk. Starting in June, one of the telescopes will operate in a once-abandoned observatory in the Kuiper Space Sciences Building.

Exceptional UA Students Earn Fellowships From NSF

A group of 29 students has received the prestigious research fellowship, which supports graduate students with the potential to be high-achieving scientists and engineers.

UA Startups Draw Silicon Valley Attention to Tucson

Four startups founded on UA inventions pitched their companies at an accelerator in Silicon Valley, an epicenter for technology and entrepreneurship.

New Guide Helps Preserve Nation's Cultural Treasures

UA researcher Alison Meadow contributed to a strategic guide intended to help the National Park Service manage cultural sites and protect them from the threat of climate change.

UA Press Brings the Red Planet's Beauty to Your Coffee Table

A new book invites the reader on a journey across the surface of Mars taken by the UA-led HiRISE project, known as "the people's camera at Mars." It's a view of what researchers see.

Design Day: The Next Big Thing, 100 Times Over

It's the College of Engineering's biggest event of the year – a showcase of senior design projects. Technologies to debut include an exoskeleton that makes walking easier for a UA student with cerebral palsy. With UANews video.

SUMO Wrestles With Sodium Channels to Curb Pain

UA researcher Rajesh Khanna is focusing on the "sodium highway," known as the NaV1.7 channel, and a small protein could make the difference in diminishing human pain.


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