Program Preps UA Inventions for Market

Tech Launch Arizona, via its Asset Development Program, puts resources toward preparing unpolished inventions for the commercial world.

The Genius Behind the Filming of a 'Black Hole'

The UA Mall and the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter are featured in the first episode of the six-part science series "Genius by Stephen Hawking."

UA Researcher Gives Surgeons a Guiding Hand

Computer and electrical engineering researcher Jerzy Rozenblit will travel to Poland as a Fulbright Scholar to research and develop new techniques for training surgeons on minimally invasive robotic systems.

Young Mother Found Her Passion at UA

Katarena Matos wants to merge water policy with science to make a positive impact on her community.

Science and Journalism Students Bring Stories to Life

A unique course and project with Arizona Public Media results in a magazine for the UA School of Journalism and stories on TV for “Arizona Illustrated."

Drone Delivery, Massages and Therapy Dogs

Finals Survival Week, which runs through May 12, features slippery water slides, massages, and time with therapy dogs. This year, UA computer science and electrical engineering major Mark Omo demonstrated a ground-to-ground drone delivery sponsored by Coca-Cola.

OSIRIS-REx's Spacecraft, Up Close and Personal

Dante Lauretta of the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory is interviewed, as part of last week's final opportunity for outsiders to see and photograph the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft before its scheduled launch Sept. 8. The spacecraft will be transported from Colorado to Florida later this month.

Inside 'Design Day': Projects, Prizes and Job Prospects

Whether harvesting energy from power lines or nuts from farms, 100 teams of seniors in the UA College of Engineering offered their designs for improving products and cutting costs.