Four Questions: How Ecologists Transform Research Into Change

Inspired by the impact of biomedical research on clinical outcomes, ecologists are strengthening ties with stakeholders to inform environmental management and policy decisions.

UA Collaboration Focuses Attention on Emergency HIV Patients

The Department of Emergency Medicine and the Division of Infectious Diseases have succeeded in making HIV screening a routine part of emergency department culture.

In Harlem, a Digital Renaissance Takes Shape

A research team led by the UA's Dan Kilper and Bryan Carter is working with community stakeholders to make the Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem a place where computing is inexpensive, fast and secure for all residents — and not just the tech-savvy and well-to-do.

Recurring Martian Streaks: Flowing Sand, Not Water?

Seasonal dark streaks on Mars have been described as possible signs of flowing water, but a new study shows they are a better fit to dry flow processes.

6 From UA Recognized in New Class of Fellows by AAAS

Kimberly Andrews Espy, the UA's senior vice president for research, is among those who will be honored by the scientific society at an induction ceremony in February.

Groundwater Recharge and Climate Change in the West

As the climate warms, the dry southern regions of the Western U.S. will have less groundwater recharge and the northern regions will have more, a UA-led team reports.


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