TLA's College Embeds Have Fingers on Research Pulse

Licensing managers build bridges in science, engineering, optical sciences, medicine, business, and agriculture and life sciences.

A Visual Journey to Bennu, the Target of OSIRIS-REx

The public gets to meet Bennu, the target asteroid of the UA-led OSIRIS-REx mission, with an upcoming movie highlighting the asteroid and what it takes to grab a sample of the stuff the solar system is made of.

Campus Today, the Cosmos Tomorrow

The latest space-exploration rovers were demonstrated by College of Engineering students and faculty as part of the UA's homecoming.

Attention, Trekkies: Get Your Tricorders Here

Taking cues from "Star Trek" technology, a UA computer scientist has developed a "Swiss Army knife for science," and his versatile creation is a finalist in a global competition this week.

Baby Photos of a Scaled-Up Solar System

UA astronomers have discovered two dust belts surrounded by a large dust halo around young star HD 95086. The findings provide a glimpse of what our solar system may have resembled in its infancy.

Safer Conditions for Mine Workers?

Safety, economy and sustainability all could result from a new use for mine tailings, the finely ground leftovers of ore extraction that are stored above ground at mine sites.

Astronomers Explore Nature of Cosmic Debris

Over the past few years, astronomers have found an amazing diversity in the architecture of exoplanetary systems, as well as the planets themselves.

Glaciers' Retreat Documented in Book From UA-Led Project

Repeated satellite observations have firmly established that glaciers are shrinking globally, and the foremost cause is global warming.

UA Engineers Aim to Secure Wi-Fi, Shut Out Snoops

Wireless transmissions are highly vulnerable to eavesdropping because they typically broadcast in all directions. But UA researchers are devising ingenious ways to create signature-free transmissions.

UA Scientists to Feature Prominently at Gathering

UA astronomers will present their discoveries at the largest convention of planetary scientists in the world, held Nov. 9-14 in Tucson.