Internships Give a Career Boost to Geosciences Transfer Students

GeoPathways students completed summer work in a program that matches UA transfer students from community colleges with Tucson-area businesses and agencies.

'Microbial Pac-Man' May Soon Hit 'Game Over'

Permafrost, a subsurface layer of soil located in polar regions and frozen year-round, is thawing under a changing climate. UA researchers are working to understand the effects.

UA Expert Identifies 6 Easy Ways to Avoid Theft Online

Hsinchun Chen, professor of management information systems at the UA, explains some simple ways to increase security and decrease your chances of being hacked.

Spring Starting Earlier in 75% of National Parks Studied

A study examining patterns of historical temperatures for 276 U.S. national parks found earlier springs driven by climate change in three out of every four parks, with more than half of the parks experiencing extreme early onsets of spring.

Climate Change May Move Too Quickly for Grasses

Grasslands and grass crops, covering much of the world's land area and providing half of the calories humans consume, may be unable to respond fast enough, UA ecologists say.

UA Receives $1.9M Award to Test Computer-Assisted Surgical Training

College of Engineering and College of Medicine researchers are developing a computerized device to train medical students in laparoscopic surgery better than a surgeon could.

Grand Challenge: Mapping the Human Immune System

Using high-performance techniques, UA researcher Adam Buntzman has led an effort to harness supercomputers to create the first map of the human immune system.

OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Takes a Selfie in Space

The "proud parents" of the UA's mission team talk about their excitement after a flawless launch sequence, their jitters prior to powering up the spacecraft's instruments for the first time in space, and what it takes to talk to a robotic probe hurtling around the sun millions of miles away.

Network Makes Environmental Change Tangible

With the UA at its core, Tucson represents a vibrant community for exploring interactions between the arts and the environment. In that context, the Environment and Humanities Network was established to build multidisciplinary initiatives that tackle environmental challenges.

UA Engineer Predicts Materials Failure From the Tiniest of Grains

Katerina Aifantis, who became the Netherlands' youngest-ever recipient of a doctorate in applied physics at age 21, is investigating how metallic solids break down at the atomic level.