Why Being Undiscovered Is Increasingly Less Likely

With the world at our fingertips, the notion of being "lost" has become almost inconceivable, says Laura Brandimarte, a UA assistant professor of management information systems.

When Hearing Silence Can Be Meaningful for Research

UA professor Frank E. Musiek writes that the "sound of silence" can be critical to understanding speech — and could affect the diagnosis of auditory dysfunction.

US Policies Concern Scientists Bound for UA Summit

Renowned scientists and diplomats from across the Americas will participate in an upcoming UA conference on science diplomacy and policy, advocating for science-based policies and international research collaborations.

There's No Reason to Flip Over Earth's Magnetic Field

What is often portrayed as a doomsday scenario in popular media is business as usual for our planet: a reversal of Earth's magnetic field. It's bound to happen — just not any time soon.

UA Startup Codelucida Secures $700K in Angel Funding

Codelucida, which commercializes error-correction technology for data storage and communications, has raised approximately $700,000 in a round of angel investment funding.

UA Funds Early-Stage Inventions for Market Readiness

Between 2013 and July 2016, Tech Launch Arizona provided almost $2.2 million in Asset Development funding to prepare 82 early-stage technologies for licensing. So far in FY 2017, it has provided funds for seven projects.

The Mystery of Ahuna Mons, the Lonely Ice Volcano

New research led by Michael Sori of the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory shows that Ceres, a dwarf planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, may have vanishing ice volcanoes.

Four Questions: Will Groundhog Say Bundle Up or Bare Down?

UA professor John L. Koprowski, an expert on burrowing animals, shares his insights on the behavior of Punxsutawney Phil, the legendary Feb. 2 burrower from Pennsylvania.


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