Moon Maps, Lunar Origins and Everything Between

Where did the moon come from? The Giant Impact Theory germinated in the mind of a UA graduate student as he mapped the surface of the moon and is still cited today as scientists learn more about our celestial neighbor.

UA Partners With Space Tango to Test Diagnostic Tool in Space

Researchers at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix are partnering with Space Tango, a private aerospace company that designs, builds and operates facilities on the International Space Station, to develop an easy way to test astronauts' health in space.

UA Expertise Key in Mapping Moon's Surface

For decades, UA scientists have contributed to the research that has shaped our understanding of our solar system and the universe – beginning with the Apollo 11 mission 50 years ago.

Environmental Impact: Rendering Toxic Explosives Harmless

A UA-led team of engineers and scientists are researching new methods, including "magic" microbes and chemical processes, to remove insensitive high explosives from soil and water.

No One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Sustainable Agriculture

New research shows that while conservation farming might work well in industrialized nations, its benefits aren't always transferable to the more rural parts of the world.

Making Computers, Mobile Devices More Energy-Efficient

A UA professor hopes to drastically reduce energy consumption in devices such as mobile phones and tablets through the use of STTRAM, an alternative to static RAM in computer caches.

$36,250 in Prizes Awarded at Engineering Design Day

The top team won the $5,000 grand prize for designing a system to help lost hikers find their way home using a mesh network of solar-powered beacons and a cellphone app.

Liverman Testifies Before House Climate Committee

UA geographer Diana Liverman outlined the impacts of global warming to the Southwestern U.S. and emphasized the urgency of reducing emissions to limit warming.

Stem Cell Study Determines Most Harmful Vape Liquids

Are some flavors of vape liquid more harmful than others? One UA scientist says yes, based on the results of a novel research project focused on endothelial cells.

Ashes of a Dying Star Hold Clues about Solar System's Birth

A dust grain forged in a stellar explosion predating our solar system reveals new insights about how stars end their lives and provide the building blocks of new stars and planets.


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