UA Scientists Go by the Gut on Health of Honey Bees

What honey bees eat may be disrupting the bacterial communities that reside in their gut — and affecting their health. It's the first evidence that diet influences the gut microbiome.

Regents' Professor Leslie Tolbert Elected AAAS Fellow

The UA professor of neuroscience and cellular and molecular medicine has been recognized for her contributions and service to research and professional societies.

Cracked, Frozen and Tipped Over: New Clues From Pluto's Past

Research by two UA planetary scientists reveals fascinating clues about Pluto, suggesting that the small world at the solar system's fringe is much more active than anyone imagined.

UA Alumna Lifts Burden for Communities Lacking Clean Water

Marla Smith-Nilson, a civil engineering graduate, founded Water1st International, which has made safe water accessible to people in Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia and Honduras.

Forest Fires in Sierra Nevada Driven by Past Land Use

From 1600 until the 1980s, human land use had a greater impact on forest fires in California's Sierra Nevada than did climate, according to research led by a UA dendrochronologist.

Birth Year Can Predict Odds in a Flu Pandemic

We are not blank slates with regard to our susceptibility to emerging strains of influenza virus, researchers from the UA and UCLA have discovered. Birth year can help predict whether we may fall seriously ill or die from a flu pandemic. The findings could assist the development of a universal vaccine.


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