UA Joins Research Coalition on Climate

As part of the University Climate Change Coalition, the UA will collaborate with other top research institutions dedicated to finding practical solutions to climate challenges.

Startup Licenses UA-invented Aquatic Animal Growth Assay

How can farmers of aquatic animals quickly and efficiently select the top producing stocks for breeding? Benjamin Renquist has invented a new assay that answers this question, offering an easy-to-use assay that has been licensed to startup GenetiRate.

NASA Funds UA-Led $30M Project to Study Cloud-Aerosol Interactions

UA professor Armin Sorooshian will continue his research into tiny particles with huge impacts on climate, air quality and human health as one of five NASA Earth Venture investigations.

Rare Blue Asteroid Reveals Itself During Fly-By

An international team led by Teddy Kareta, a doctoral student at the UA's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, investigated (3200) Phaethon, a bizarre asteroid that sometimes behaves like a comet, and found it even more enigmatic than previously thought.


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