Queen Bees and the Microbial Fountain of Youth

UA students hope honey bees can serve as model systems to discover clues about how genetics, gut bacteria and diet influence aging in humans.

A Calmer Horse is Just a Sniff Away

Two years after her graduation, Isabelle Chea's undergraduate thesis on equine aromatherapy has been reborn as a published research paper in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

Prehistoric Vegetation Helps Predict Future Ecosystems

The current warming from climate change may drive a dramatic change in vegetation within the next 100-150 years unless greenhouse-gas emissions are reduced, reports a UA-led international team.

UA Licenses Deception-Detecting AVATAR to Startup

UA researchers have developed AVATAR, an interactive system that interviews border crossers, monitors thousands of physical signals and alerts agents when it detects deception.

UA Students Find Foundations for Galaxy's Most Massive Stars

University of Arizona astronomy students searched 101 massive clouds of gas to find those that may be in the first phases of forming massive stars.

OSIRIS-REx Captures First Glimpse of Asteroid Bennu

Using its multipurpose camera designed at the UA, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft spied its target asteroid, Bennu, for the first time from about 1.4 million miles away.


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