UA Helps Bring Seed Library Forum to Tucson

Ensuring community access to seeds remains a vital issue, and Gary Nabhan of the UA's Southwest Center is one of the organizers of the event.

Low-Allergen Soybean Could Have High Impact

UA scientists have helped create a new variety of low-allergenic soybean, and the crop could have a major effect on the production of things like baby formula.

Anivax Licenses UA-Developed Poultry Vaccine

The vaccine, the result of a collaboration of scientists steered by Tech Launch Arizona, would reduce colonization by bacteria and ultimately lower the incidence of human disease.

Meet the Beetle That Packs a Machine Gun

Scientists discovered how bombardier beetles manage to fire rapid bursts of a searing hot chemical mix at predators or other creatures that harass them.

Giant Telescope Takes Close Look at Jupiter's Moon

With the first detailed observations through imaging interferometry of a lava lake on a moon of Jupiter, the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory places itself as the forerunner of the next generation of Extremely Large Telescopes.

A Shudder Through the Earth: Learning From Nepal

Seismologists at the UA are part of a global community of scientists trying to better understand massive earthquakes and help communities prepare for the worst.

TLA to Honor Innovation, Impact

Second annual awards by UA's commercialization arm will recognize those whose work affects quality of life through research, collaboration and innovation.