Galileo Circle Members

We wish to thank our Galileo Circle members, whose generous support fosters continued excellence in the sciences at the University of Arizona.

Larry and Susan Allen
Roger and Ellinor Angel
Edward P. Bass/The Philecology Foundation/Fine Line/Thru Line LP
Edward and Jill Bessey
Herb and Sylvia Burton
Lorene L. Calder
Robert and Ann Cardwell
Cathy Hart and Sherry Cowan/Richard F. Caris Foundation
James and Karen Carson
Daniel T. Cavanagh
CDO Ranching and Development
Julie Coleman/APS Foundation, Inc
Leonard and Doris Coris
William R. Dawes
Sally Drachman and Robert Salvatore
Thomas Earl
Delia Escalante
Frank Escalante
Robert P. and Lesley G. Goldfarb
George Mason Green and Lois C. Green Foundation
Thomas and Candace Grogan
Nicholas and Leslie Hanauer/The Seattle Foundation
Elizabeth and E. Keith Hege
Arthur and Lee Herbst
David Hutchens/Tucson Electric Power Company/UniSource Energy Corp.
Alyson and James Illich
Lee and Vera Jones
I. Michael and Beth Kasser/Holualoa Companies
E. Philip Krider and Patricia MacCorquodale
Dick and Judith Kroese
Ted C. and Anne Lane
Frank and Daphna Lederman
James Liebert
Robert and Judy Logan
Linda and Robert Lohse/Tucson Foundations
Connie Lomen
J. David and Edith Lowell
Linda Brown Lynn
Mollie Marvel
Eugene and Rosalind Meieran
Norman and Paulina Miller/Steve J. Miller Foundation
Cécile Moore
Jacqueline S. Morris and David Devine
Gary M. Munsinger/ Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation
Daniel and Carolyn Neff
Francene and Tim Orrok
Jeffrey and Shelle Owen
John and Diane Patience
James and Dyan Pignatelli
Ghislaine Polak
Allen Preston
Richard Rainwater/Rainwater Charitable Foundation
Kenneth and Linda Robin
Peter Salomon and Patricia Carr Morgan
Michael M. Scott
Sean Shelby/TELEOST Biopharmaceuticals, LLC
Sarah and David Smallhouse/Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation
Ralph Stegen/Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold, Inc.
Kathryn Stumpf/The Brookhill Foundation
Hugh and Allyn Thompson
Marc and Meryl Tischler
Joseph M. Tylutki and Karen L. Campbell
F. Ann Walker
Frances S. Walker
Gwendolyn Weiner/EOS Foundation
Malcolm Weiner/Malcolm Hewitt Weiner Foundation
Laurel L. Wilkening
Jeffrey N. Younggren and Garnett S. Stokes

Samuel and Beatrice Ellis
Marilyn Halonen
John and Adrienne Mars
Lloyd and Betty Schermer
Robert and Sue Vaughan
Gwendolyn Weiner/EOS Foundation

Joseph and Diana Alexander
Charles and Karen Autrey
Pélagie and Mike Beeson
Tony and Connie Bischof
Fred and Ann Boice
Arch and Laura Brown
Gail Burd and John Hildebrand
Herb and Sylvia Burton
Robert and Ann Cardwell
Elliott Cheu and Jane Maruyama
Charles and Elena d'Autremont
Dino DeConcini and Elizabeth Murfee DeConcini
Ruth and Stephen Dickstein
Donald and Louise Doran
Robert and Lisbeth Esperti
Kenneth and Karen Evans
Terry and Christine Fraze
Judy Gans
John Gareeb
Gerald and LaDona Geise
James and Glenda Gentile
Jerome and Jane Glass
James and Louise Glasser
Sandra and James Hambacher
Margaret Hardy and Danny Rowland
Paul and Katherine Hoff
Jeannette Hoit and Philippe Bodine
Joe M. Huerta
Gary and Joan Lee Jones
Steven Jordan
Irene and Thomas Keating
Norman Komar
Philip and Jane Lacovara
Robin and Jack Lavin
Ray C. Leonard and Cheryl Phillips
Ernest and Carol Manuel, Jr.
Christopher and Joan Marrs
Shannan Marty and Christopher Pendleton
Marsha Mason
Ellen Maye
Wendell and Rosemary Niemann
Carl Philabaum and Joyce Crain
Conrad and Ann Plimpton
William and Cindy Rainey
Adib and Entisar Sabbagh
Richard and Judy Sanderson
John and Helen Schaefer
Gary and Barbara Scheer
Joseph W. Sener, III
Nick Soloway and Kay Ransdell
James and Lanelle Sugg
John Sutter and Elaine Padovani
Teri Suzuki and Oleg Lysyj
Richard and Madeline Wachter
John E. Wahl and Mary Lou Forier
Robert and Jane Wienke
Ruth and Robert Zollinger

Larry and Florence Adamson
Lawrence and Wendy Aldrich
Norma Arnow
Peter and Deborah Backus
Christopher and Cynthia Bannon
Hon. Barbara and Dr. Craig Barrett
Robin Blackwood and Steve Wilson
Martin Bowen
Alan Brass
James and Judy Brown
John and Julie Carpenter
Ronald and Brenda Carsten
Robert D. Clark and Nancy Clark
Sara Cohen
Thomas Colberg
Janice Shelton Crebbs
George and Merrily Davis
Christine DeFouw
M.J. Demetras and John Umbreit
Stephen and Aimée Doctoroff
John and Anne Duffy
Julian R. Ettelson
Anne and Guy Ferro
Caroline Garcia
J.D. and Margot Garcia
Robert and Mary Gillett
Barbara and Gerald Goldberg
Nils and Ann Hasselmo
Bradley L. Hauert
Edward and Barbara Haugland
Ralph and Maxine Henig
Margaret Houghton
Douglas Hunt
Guy Jette
Robert and Susan Johnstone
Caryl Jones and Barry McCormick
Bob and Marilyn Joyce
James Kautz
Irene Kitzman and Bob Sandine
Sid and Gloria Leach
Charles and Betty Leftault
Amy L. Lemke
Phoebe Lewis
Everett Lindsay and Emilia Erickson
Humberto and Czarina López
Christine and Clifford Mann
Barbara Martinsons and Larry Boutis
George and Ann Mavko
John McCauley
Norman and Barbara McClelland
Rita and Iain McCreary
Christine McDonough
David and Mary Mehlum
Ernest and Sally Micek
Stephen B. Mosier
John Mueller and Janice Rickert Mueller
Jordan and Jean Nerenberg
Rick Neter
David and Mary Peachin
Dr. Sergio and Andrea Piomelli
Clark Reddin
Zoltan and Nancy Rosztoczy
James and Sandra Rothschild
Joaquin and Bernadette Ruiz
Jason and Amy Salber
Robert Schweizer
Wayne and Darlene Showalter
William and Mary Anne Springer
Alvin Tarlov and Janet Belkin
David Taylor and Lana Holstein
Shelton Trubatch and Katharina Philips
Daniel and Ann Von Hoff
Andrew Watson and Ann C. Neumann
Dana Weant
David and Diane Wolsk
Raymond and Julianne Woosley

Accelerate Diagnostic
Arizona Daily Star/Gannett
BBVA Compass Bank Foundation
Cox Communication
Godat Design
Holualoa Companies
Marshall Foundation
Nguyen & Tarbet, LLC
Raytheon Company
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Tech Launch Arizona
Tucson Electric Power Company
UA Office of Research and Discovery
Vantage West Credit Union
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

American Chemical Society
Arizona Society for Coatings Technology
AT&T Services, Inc
Samuel and Maria Blakesley
Lawrence Brakmo
Duncan Buell and Mary Ann Grandjean
Charles Koch Foundation
Chevron Corporation
Stephen Congdon
Estate of Harold J. Bonnevie
ExxonMobil Corporation
Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold
Nancy Gin and Jay Cramer
Martha Ginsberg
Havenor Operating Company
Sara Keller
Leslie Klein and Janice Kaplan Klein
Large Binocular Telescope Corp.
Lloyd Construction Co.
Luceome Biotechnologies
William and Mary Lum
M3 Engineery & Technology Corp.
Mars Incorporated
Roberta McCarty
Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau
Newmont Mining Corporation
Nadine O'Donovan
Pima County Economic Development and Tourism
Mark Pitsitck
Miles Shaw and Mary Niarchos
Sherman Fairchild Foundation
Diana Simpson
Sion Power Corporation
Richard and Janette Slaughter
Soul Phone Foundation
Souther Arizona Business Coalition, Inc
The Brinson Foundation
The George Mason Green & Lois C. Green Foundation
The Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation
Tucson Medical Center
Tucson Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation
Unisource Energy Corp.
William and Berniece Velez
James Wezelman
Susan Wycoff
Dongxiao and Liheng Zhang

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