Galileo Circle Fellows

College of Science Dean Joaquin Ruiz is pleased to announce the 2017 Galileo Circle Fellows

2017 Galileo Circle Fellows
2017 Galileo Circle Fellows Dennis Zaritsky, Jeannette D. Hoit and Lynn Nadel © 2016 FOTOSMITH

Three distinguished faculty members of the University of Arizona College of Science have been named 2017 Galileo Circle Fellows, one of the highest honors bestowed upon faculty in the College.

These awards, established through the generosity of Galileo Circle members, recognize outstanding accomplishments in academic scholarship.  Each Fellow receives $5,000 and lifetime membership in the Galileo Circle.

Galileo Circle Fellows are the epitome of the academic scholar, with a deep understanding over a broad range of science, a willingness to think in a truly interdisciplinary way, and an ability to inspire colleagues and students alike.

2017 Galileo C​ircle Fellows

Dennis Zaritsky
Professor, Department of Astronomy

Dennis has worked across a wide range of topics in astronomy, but often returns to questions of dark matter and its interaction with normal matter. The elusive, but dominant, dark matter drives galaxy evolution and is one of the remaining unanswered challenges of modern physics. Beginning with his thesis work at UA, which presented the first empirical evidence for a large dark matter halo around our own and other galaxies, and continuing to the demonstration of the physical reality of dark matter using the so-called "Bullet Cluster", he and his collaborators have been employing novel observations to address these topics. Such innovations have also led him to the discovery of dust halos around galaxies, the star-by-star reconstruction of the history of two of our nearest galactic neighbors, and the first detection of glowing hydrogen gas surrounding galaxies. He is now focused on uncovering and studying the most diffuse galaxies in the universe, which promise to harbor the most undisturbed, purest dark matter halos in the Universe.

Jeannette D. Hoit
Professor, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Jenny is a speech scientist and speech-language pathologist who is best known for her research in how breathing for speech changes with development, aging, and disease. Of particular note are her contributions to understanding the mechanics of speaking in people with conditions like spinal cord injury and muscular dystrophy who rely on ventilators to breathe. Her interdisciplinary work in this area has led to clinical interventions that improve the speech of ventilator-supported people. Jenny has also made substantial contributions to teaching by disseminating her knowledge of speech science to students nationally and internationally through her textbooks and locally through her creation of an interdisciplinary course on “Survival Skills and Ethics” that has served graduate students across our university for more than 20 years. Jenny’s current interdisciplinary activities focus on leading up an effort to create resources to support our university’s postdoctoral scholars.

Lynn Nadel
Regents' Professor, Department of Psychology and Program in Cognitive Science

Professor Nadel is Regents Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, and Director of the CNS Program at the University of Arizona. His research, published in over 200 journal articles, chapters and books, has been supported by grants from NIMH, NSF, NICHD, NINDS and several private foundations. His work has focused on the functions of the hippocampus in memory and spatial cognition, leading to significant contributions in the study of stress and memory, sleep and memory, memory reconsolidation, and the mental retardation observed in Down syndrome. He has promulgated, with collaborators, two highly influential theories in cognitive neuroscience: the cognitive map theory of hippocampal function, and the multiple trace theory of memory. He was the co-recipient in 2005 of the Grawemeyer Prize in Psychology (for the “cognitive map” theory) and received the National Down Syndrome Society’s Award for Research (2006), the Sisley-Lejeune International Prize for Research on Intellectual Disability (2013) and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Experimental Psychologists (2016).

Previous Galileo Circle Fellows

J. Roger P. Angel
Regents' Professor of Astronomy

Neal R. Armstrong
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Elizabeth and Keith Hege Galileo Circle Fellow

Carol A. Barnes
Regents' Professor of Psychology

Michael F. Brown
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Research Corporation Galileo Circle Fellow

Marta Civil
Professor of Mathematics

Peter G. DeCelles
Professor of Geosciences

M. Bonner Denton
Professor of Chemistry and Geosciences

Brian J. Enquist
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Xiaohui Fan
Associate Professor of Astronomy/Steward Observatory

Ildar Gabitov
Professor of Mathematics

George Gehrels
University Distinguished Professor of Geosciences

Jeff Greenberg
Professor of Psychology

Hoshin V. Gupta
Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources
Tucson Electric Power Galileo Circle Fellow

John G. Hildebrand
Regents’ Professor of Neuroscience

Malcolm K. Hughes
Regents' Professor of Dendrochronology

Christopher Impey
UA Distinguished Professor of Astronomy

Dennis L. Lichtenberger
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Renu Malhotra
Professor of Planetary Sciences/LPL

William G. McCallum
UA Distinguished Professor of Mathematics

Alfred McEwen
Professor of Planetary Sciences/LPL

Fulvio Melia
Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Lisa M. Nagy
Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Roy Parker
Regents' Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Jon D. Pelletier
Professor of Geosciences

Jeanne E. Pemberton
Regents' Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Elena Plante
Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Jay Quade
Professor of Geosciences

Marcia J. Rieke
Professor of Astronomy

Michael L. Rosenzweig
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Joyce A. Schroeder
Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Bio5 and Arizona Cancer Center

Richard Snodgrass
Professor of Computer Science

Brad H. Story
Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Peter A. Troch
Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources

Christopher K. Walker
Professor of Astronomy
Elizabeth and Keith Hege Galileo Circle Fellow

Joseph C. Watkins
Professor of Mathematics

Xubin Zeng
Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

Lucy M. Ziurys
Professor of Astronomy, and Chemistry and Biochemistry

Emeritus Galileo Circle Fellows

Shlomo P. Neuman
Regents' Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources

E. Philip Krider
Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Sciences/IAP

F. Ann Walker
Regents' Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Neville J. Woolf
Emeritus Professor of Astronomy

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