Massive Network of Robotic Ocean Probes

Initiatives aim to measure global warming’s impact on high seas and deep currents with increasing scope and quality using the Argo floats.

Light Echos Give Clues to Planetary Nursery Around Star

For the first time, UA astronomers used echoes of light to determine the distance from a star to the inner wall of its surrounding planet-forming disk of dust and gas.

Horn of Africa Drying Ever Faster as Climate Warms

The findings from a UA-led study suggest a worsening future for the conflict-troubled region, which includes Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia.

'The Martian' Food Growing System: It's Here

A team of UA researchers can already "farm" on the red planet with a fully functional prototype greenhouse that produces sweet potatoes and strawberries.

HiRISE Images Show Signs of Liquid Water on Mars

Former UA undergraduate Lujendra Ojha discovered possible water-related streaks on the red planet's slopes.

UA Creates Accessible Study-Abroad Geosciences Course

The geosciences capstone field course will be based in Italy and serve juniors, seniors and graduate students starting next summer.

Likelihood Low of Asteroid Colliding With Earth

Do asteroids deserve their nasty reputation? On the occasion of Asteroid Day, Eric Christensen, director of the UA's Catalina Sky Survey, talks about the odds and consequences of an asteroid wreaking havoc on Earth.

When Plants Become Space Invaders

Declines in native biodiversity can open opportunities for imported species to not only grab a foothold in a new territory, but also to evolve into invasive pests.

Construction to Begin on World's Largest Telescope

Collaborators secure more than $500 million to build seven mirrors for Giant Magellan Telescope at UA's Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab.

New Insights Into Drivers of Earth's Ecosystems

A UA-led international team has uncovered new information about the ways marine viruses and microbes interact on a global scale.


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