CommunityShare is a Tucson-based online platform and network  that brings real-world learning into the classroom. The platform matches the unique skills, career experiences and passions of STEM professionals, artists, businesses, non-profits, parents, academics, and community leaders with the needs and goals of educators and students. Through the CommunityShare platform, educators create online profiles indicating the expertise they are looking for, while local community partners describe the expertise and experiences they are interested in sharing. Educators can find “matches” and invite community partners into their classrooms as project collaborators, mentors, content area consultants, guest speakers, and more. Through engagement with community partners, students see the real-world application of what they are learning in school, learn about new resources in their community, get exposed to caring adults and new career possibilities, and students imagine a future they perhaps never knew existed. CommunityShare also provides a simple and meaningful way for us all to give back to our community and support our next generation of learners, entrepreneurs and leaders.
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Josh Schachter
CommunityShare Co-Founder

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