Student Clubs

Students who participate in a science-based club with a faculty sponsor may elect to register for credit. Students should meet with the advisor of the club to discuss the specific criteria that will be required of them in their service. Students interested in receiving credit for club participation should complete the following form, in conjunction with the club faculty advisor: SCI299-499-Form

Astronomy Club
Our goal is to inspire and assist anybody interested in astronomy and the many sciences that go along with it. All majors are welcome to join! We have many opportunities to work on astronomy research projects with students and faculty that care about astronomy education. We operate telescopes and star parties for public and private events on campus and in various dark sky locations around the Tucson area, providing outreach to any and all who are interested. We also design/build/construct hands-on material such as 3D models of astronomical objects to teach astronomy, telescopes, and even a portable planetarium!


UA Biochemistry Club
The UA Biochemistry Club is an affiliated Student Chapter of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Our goal is to provide the community with exposure to opportunities in scientific research and careers through the Visiting Scholars Program, BlastOff! Summer Camp, and club involvement in other scientific events. We also aim to provide our members and other UA undergraduates with opportunities to be engaged, successful members of the scientific community, with events such as the annual BECUR Conference, as well as to provide resources which will enable them to pursue education beyond undergraduate studies.



BIO5 Ambassadors

Members of this dynamic student club are working collaboratively on projects that move BIO5's mission forward. Club members, who represent a variety of majors across the UA campus, promote collaborative research; increase science literacy in the community; and foster interaction among faculty, students, bio industry and the public.


Chemistry Club
Our club strives to highlight the fun of chemistry through outreach with the University of Arizona community as well as the greater Tucson area.




Controlled Environment Agriculture Center
Our goal is to develop Controlled Environment Agriculture as an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable agricultural option.



The Marine Awareness and Conservation Society (MACS) is an undergraduate-run organization that aims to communicate marine conservation threats to the public, fundraise for healthy oceans, and promote community awareness, advocacy and solutions.


Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Related Sciences promotes diversity and inclusion in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences.



The undergraduate club for students of all majors who are interested in mathematics.



The Neuroscience & Cognitive Science Association of Students (NSCSAS) is a student run organization at the University of Arizona that is focused on spreading awareness of neuroscience across campus as well as to the greater Tucson community. We conduct several outreach volunteer events with schools and partner continuously with the departments of Neuroscience and Psychology at the U of A to provide the public with knowledge of both  the brain and the mind. We also allow an opportunity for undergraduate students interested in neuroscience to explore different career paths such as medicine and research by conducting numerous events such as panels, lab tours, and guest speakers.



The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment in order to achieve full career potential. SASE also encourages professional development and for members to contribute to the enhancement of the community. Within our chapter, we  provide members opportunities to market themselves within the global business world of STEM. SASE is open to all men and women of all ethnicity. 



Students for the Exploration and Development of Space is a club at the University of Arizona whose mission is to promote the virtues of space exploration



The Society of Earth Science Students is an undergraduate volunteer-based club whose primary goal is the promotion of earth science within our student body and in the greater community. Our outreach program seeks to educate people of all ages in matters related to earth science: careers, student experience, research, and the actual scientific material itself. We are particularly involved in events where the focus is on exposing children (up through high school age) to the fun, exciting, and educational experience studying sciences can be, as exemplified in our involvement in programs such as the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and the Tucson Festival of Books. We host guest speakers who talk about career opportunities, students who present their research, and outreach events to teach basic scientific concepts. If you are interested in SESS participating in an event or hearing about our broader mission as an Earth Science educational group, please contact us!


We exist to bring environmentally conscious students of the University together in an effort to implement a means of harnessing solar energy as a power source for our residence hall, Posada San Pedro, in partnership with the faculty and staff of the University.



UA Student Optics Chapter (SOCk)
Our goal is to promote the disciplines of math and science, especially optical science and optical engineering, among the academic and local communities.




Soil, Water & Environmental Science Club's goal is to educate students and others about the environment, and connect students with professional organizations as well as the community.




UA Fish and Wildlife Society
Our mission is to enhance the ability of future wildlife professionals to conserve diversity, sustain productivity, and ensure responsible use of wildlife resources for the benefit of society.




Women in Physics
We are a group founded in 2013 by graduate students with a passion for promoting women in physics, which includes improving recruitment and retention of women throughout the academic pipeline and beyond. We encourage all levels and all genders at the university to participate in our events. We work to achieve our mission through outreach, events and activities on campus and in the community, discussing issues facing women and minorities in physics, organizing club trips to local companies, and working with other STEM groups on campus to promote women in all sciences. Please find more information at our website and join our Facebook forum!

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