Undergraduate Research

The College of Science encourages undergraduates to reach beyond the traditional classroom learning and enhance their education by participating in hands-on learning through a research experience. In collaborations with faculty, graduate students, technical staff, and peers, undergraduates have the opportunity to become part of the process of discovering new information and technologies while working on real world problems. Become a part of world-class research ranging from the search for life on Mars to the study of complex diseases such as cancer.

SCI 392/492 Directed Research (1-6 units per term, Fall/Spring/Summer)

Individual or small group research under the guidance of faculty associated with research centers in the College of Science. Students may register for a maximum of 12 units of Directed Research units over their career. Grades available: A,B,C,D,E.

In order to approved for enrollment into SCI 392 or 492, students must secure the permission of the professor, complete and submit a Directed Research Proposal Form, and follow all dates and deadlines for adding the units of credit as outlined on the Registrar's website for dates and deadlines

Students can search for research opportunities through the Office of Undergraduate Research.

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