UA Science Technology Commercialization Support

University Intellectual Property (IP) can become the basis of new products or services that are licensed by an existing or new company, a process and outcome well understood in Arizona’s entrepreneurial, science and technology-centric community. Many top scholars in science desire to create an impact beyond the laboratory and classroom. To attract and retain such talented people The University of Arizona (UA) must have a world-class technology transfer operation. For many reasons and for many stakeholders technology transfer is increasingly integrating into academic culture. The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is a unit within a broader operation at The UA called Tech Launch AZ (TLA). Central to the mission of TLA is to reenergize the commercialization process at UA.  

Laura Silva is an embedded Licensing Manager within OTT and the College of Science. Laura's role as a Licensing Manager is to pro-actively work with College of Science faculty and their inventions, ensuring greater cohesion among College of Science faculty, students, staff and OTT. In particular, Laura works with OTT aiding in the efficient processing of new invention disclosures, licensing and business development-related activities. Primary objectives include providing process support services to faculty in order to successfully commercialize IP.   

For inquiries regarding College of Science licensing, invention disclosures and start-ups contact:

Laura Silva
Senior Licensing Manager
(520) 621-5000

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