There are a variety of scholarships offered and administered through the College of Science.  Scholarships are available for students entering as freshman into graduate school.  Selection of recipients is on a competitive basis.  Applications are reviewed, evaluated and awarded by the College of Science Scholarship Committee, comprised of COS faculty & staff, the Dean and Associate Dean.

To apply for the scholarships listed below (in addition to many others) please visit the University of Arizona's scholarship matching site Scholarship UniverseUsing this site you can enter information about yourself and then be automatically matched to scholarships for which you're eligible and which are currently accepting applications. 

Van de Verde Undergraduate Research Memorial Scholarship 

Eligibility: Undergraduate students majoring in a College of Science discipline that demonstrate academic excellence and professional promise.  Scholarship recipients must be working cooperatively with a faculty member on a research project.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Award Amount: $1,500/yr. possibility of renewal by re-application

H.J. & Signe Bonnevie Memorial Science Scholarship

Eligibility: Incoming freshmen who are National Merit Scholar Finalists and have indicated U of A as their first choice with a major in a scientific discipline within the College of Science. Award based on scholarship, merit, and professional potential.

Award Amount: $1,000/yr, renewable

Paul G. Koch & Elsie M. Koch Memorial Scholarship  

Eligibility:  Incoming freshman/graduates of Tucson/Pima County high schools majoring in scientific disciplines.  Award based on scholarship, merit, and professional potential.

Award Amount: $2,000/yr, renewable by re-application 

Charles, Charles Jr., & Anthony Vomaska Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility: High School graduates from Pima County with preference for Rincon High School graduates majoring in a scientific field, particularly pre-med studies.  Applicants must be US citizens.

Award Amount: $1,000, non-renewable

Glen W., Vanice,  & Keith G. Reid Biomedical Research Scholarship

Eligibility :  This research award is made annually to, US born undergraduates or graduate students conducting research in fields of alcoholism, macular degeneration of the eye, cancer,  human nutrition or allergies. Candidates must be excelling academically and making timely progress towards their degree.

Award Amount: $1,000/yr, possibility of renewal by re-application

Scholarships Contact:
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