100% Engagement

100% Engagement is…

A way to find out what you’re passionate about.

A way to get involved on campus and in your community.

A way to prepare for life after college.

The University of Arizona College of Science offers courses and non-credit engagement experiences to help students learn personal and professional skills beyond the classroom.  Whether through independent research, serving your fellow students, community outreach, or specialized classes, our students have the opportunity for one-of-a-kind experiential learning. 

How will you get involved?


Do you have questions?  Please feel free to contact the College of Science's 100% Engagement Representatives:

Chris Elsner, Program Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Research - (520) 621-3336

Samantha Pierce, Program Coordinator, Office of Recruitment and Engagement - (520) 621-4047

You can also find a list of representatives from other colleges here.


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