Sweetwater Wetlands

Location: Sweetwater Wetlands (west of i-10 at Prince Rd)

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The Sweetwater Wetlands Field Study is a experiential learning event directly tied to the 3rd grade curriculum in most Tucson area districts. Trained facilitators deliver interactive lessons that enable students to explore concepts through models and hands on experiences.  Students have fun and have the unique experience of being in a wetland environment - in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

Audience: 3rd & 4th grades

Science Field: Earth Sciences, Hydrology

Science Topics: The field study units include watersheds and water supply, the water cycle, wetlands and water conservation

State Standards: Note that in most Tucson area districts, the 3rd and 4th grade standards have been combined.  The FOSS-APW Water Unit is taught at third grade but the standards are found under fourth grade.  They include: S6C3PO1: Identify the sources of water within an enviroment and S6C3PO2: Describe the distribution of water on the Earth's surface.

What You Get: A hands-on experience with 4 trained facilitators.

Schedule: Two hour programs are delivered in the mornings ending at noon.

Cost: There is no cost EXCEPT Buses need to be paid for by schools

Contact: Kerry Schwartz Director, Arizona Project WET, 520-621-8196

Directions to Sweetwater Wetlands Park:

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