UA Science Lecture Series

In early spring 2006, the College of Science launched its first public lecture series on the topic of Evolution. Bringing together educators and researchers from inside the College, this inaugural series of seven lectures was received by audiences that have grown in size and passion ever since. As of Spring 2012, UA Science has provided seven series on a wide range of science topics that impact our community. Topics have included cosmology, neuroscience, transformative science, life science, evolution and climate change. The Spring 2012 series focused on emerging discoveries in the science of aging and filled UA Centennial Hall to its capacity.

Each year, a companion program for educators is offered as a 2-unit graduate discussion with discussion, lecture, and activities to help teach series topics in high school science classrooms. This course is structured for science teachers at the 6-12 grade level, but K-12 teachers at all levels are invited to participate. Pre-service teachers who are not yet certified may also take the course and earn undergraduate credit.

While thousands look forward to this free public series every year, many thousands more have participated in these series by downloading the lecture podcasts available on this site. Lectures are also available as podcasts on the UA's iTunes U public site

UA Science Lecture Series

Spring 2012: Living Beyond 100

Spring 2011: Cosmic Origins

Spring 2010: Mind and Brain

Spring 2009: Science that Transforms

Spring 2008: The Edges of Life

Fall 2006: Global Climate Change

Spring 2006: Evolution


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