Public Programs

Science and math competitions for individuals and school teams, discussion groups and educational conferences for teachers and parents, public lectures that feature some of the most distinguished scientists in the world. Physics Phun Night is aimed at creating excitement among young people through experiments and demonstrations. How about a television program that brings a math lesson into your own living room? Most of these events occur on a regular schedule. Check websites for current program or speaker information.

Arizona Rivers Program  Hydrology and Water Resources
Arizona Teacher Initiative  Mathematics
Arizona Youth University  Continuing Education and Academic Outreach
Astronomy Camps on Mt Lemmon  Astronomy
ATMO Speaker Seminar  Atmospheric Sciences/IAP
AZ-START Program  Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Bio 5 Science Source  Bio5
Biology Courses and Workshops for Teachers  Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
BIOTECH Project  Molecular and Cellular Biology
Biotechnology Laboratory for Arizona Teachers (BLAST)  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Campus Arboretum   College of Agriculture
Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as (CEMELA)  Mathematics
Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR)  Mathematics
Collaborative for the Advancement of Teaching Technology & Science (CATTS)  Agricultural Education
College of Science Public Lecture Series   College of Science
Do the Math TV Show  Mathematics
Drop-in Tutoring Math Program  Mathematics
Earth Camp  College of Science
Expanding Your Horizons Conference for Women  Women's Studies
Flandrau Science Center  Flandrau
Galapagos Marine Ecology  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
General Biology Program for Secondary Science Teachers  Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Genes, Biotechnology & the Environment  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Herbarium  EEB, PLS
High School Calculus Class Visitation Project  Mathematics
HiRISE Operations Center   Planetary Sciences
Insect Discovery  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Institute for Mathematics and Education  Mathematics
Invertebrate and Benton Shell Collection Kits  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Kitt Peak National Observatory Visitor Center  NOAO
KUAT The Desert Speaks  KUAT
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research  College of Science
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Evening Lecture Series  Planetary Sciences/LPL
MAPPS Math and Parent Partnerships in the Southwest  Mathematics
Marine Discovery  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Math Corps Program  Mathematics
Math Movies  Mathematics
Mathematics Instruction Colloquium  Mathematics
Mt Graham International Observatory  Astronomy
NASA Mars Odyssey Gamma Ray Spectrometer  Planetary Sciences/LPL
NASA Space Grant   Planetary Sciences
Physics Alumni Lecture Series (P.A.L.S.)  Physics
Physics Department Tours  Physics
Project Astro Astronomy
Science And Mathematics Education Center  Planetary Sciences
Science and Nature in Tandem for Youth (SANITY)  College of Science
Science Teacher Preparation Program (Science and Math)  College of Science
Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab Tours  Astronomy
Steward Observatory Public Evenings  Astronomy
Students Across Borders  Geosciences
Summer Institute of Medical Ignorance (SIMI)  College of Medicine
Summer of Excellence  The Honors College
Teacher Observing Program  Astronomy
The Biology Project  Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
The Space Imagery Center  Planetary Sciences/LPL
The Tree of Life Web Project  Entomology (AG)
Tree Ring Lab Presentations and Tours  Tree Ring Laboratory
Tucson Area Physics Teachers Organization (TAPT)  Physics
Tucson Bird Count  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Tucson GEAR Up  OAO/College of Science
Tucson Hummingbird Project  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
UA Master Calendar  University Communications
UA Museum of Natural History  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
UA/NASA Space Grant Science Speakers Program  Planetary Sciences/LPL

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