UA Science Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, located just north of Tucson on the summit of Mt. Lemmon, is a unique science learning center. The SkyCenter builds upon the uniqueness of the site and the extensive knowledge base at the University of Arizona to deliver educational adventures including:

SkyNights: An observing program that gives you the opportunity to peer beyond the blue horizons adorning our southwestern skies and explore the astronomical wonders that have fascinated us from time immemorial. Star charts, binoculars and a 24-inch RCOS telescope are just some of the resources utilized in this program. Join us as part of a group for evening hours or reserve the telescope all night and be treated as a visiting astronomer.

DiscoveryDays: Learn more about the scientific and natural wonders of Mt. Lemmon and the Catalina Mountains by interacting with UA scientists in this hands-on program. Topics include tree-ring science, hummingbird studies, Phoenix Mars Lander mission updates, ecology and more.

SkyCamps: Can't get enough in just one day? Look into our interactive camps for teens and adults.

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UA Science Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

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