K-12 Classroom Programs

There is no better way to learn a subject than to have to teach it. Many of our programs provide undergraduates with the opportunity to visit K12 classrooms and to apply the science that they are learning at the university by having to teach the subject to others. Science Connectors visit classrooms to do hands-on activities and communicate their enthusiasm for science to children. The Biotech Project will bring a mobile DNA laboratory to your classroom, materials and instructors provided.

AP Calculus Class Visits
Faculty and students from UA visit high school calculus classes, to present an engaging piece of mathematics that uses the current ideas that the students are studying.

BIOTECH Project provides technical support for Arizona teachers to conduct molecular genetics (DNA science) experiments with their students.

CATTS (Collaboration to Advance Teaching Technology and Science)
A partnership between UA and local school districts to improve science, mathematics and technology teaching at all levels.

Earth Camp
This two-week thinking camp, focusing on sustainable water use, will include three overnight adventures, day trips, classroom lab investigations, live animal presentations, wash-walking, tree-ring coring and a Mars habitation simulation.

Insect Discovery
Designed primarily for 2nd and 3rd graders, students work with live and preserved insects. Workshops are held on the UA campus.

Math Corps Program
The program trains undergraduate mathematics students to serve as math tutors in secondary schools.

NASA Space Grant Program Science Speakers
Why is the sky blue? Is there life on other planets? How do I pursue a career in science? The UA/NASA Space Grant Science Speakers Program brings faculty, researchers, and graduate students to your class or organization to give talks on a variety of topics.

The Physics Factory
The Physics Factory offers hands-on activities and physics demonstrations.

Tree Ring Lab School Presentations
Faculty and staff visit classrooms and natural science camps to make presentations, complete with hands-on activities that simulate tree-ring studies.