For UA Students

Some of UA's most successful outreach programs use our undergraduate students as instructors and mentors, and offer course credit! Getting involved in science outreach offers real opportunities to develop presentation skills that can be applied in science teaching and other career areas. In addition, science outreach provides real community service. The CATTS program offers fellowships in outreach for graduate and undergraduate students. Students can participate in outreach through the College of Science in a number of ways. Click on the links below to explore some of the available options.

Service Learning

Service learning allows students to register for course credit while serving the greater community.

Student Clubs

One of the missions of student-driven clubs in the College of Science is to promote scientific literacy in the general population. Certain activities in student clubs can also qualify for course credit.

Service Courses

The College of Science offers a number of courses that allow students to present relevant scientific knowledge to K-12 students.

Student Programs

CATTS (Collaboration to Advance Teaching Technology and Science)
The partnership provides students selected for the CATTS program a prestigious NSF Graduate Teaching Fellowship in K-12 Education to work with K-12 teachers as resource agents.

Marine Discovery
Marine Discovery is a marine biology outreach program for elementary and middle school students. Undergraduate students do all of the instruction in the workshops.

Math Corps Program
Math Corps consists of a cadre of mathematics students from the University of Arizona who are trained to tutor mathematics in the secondary schools.

Science Connection
Science Connectors visit classrooms, elementary through high school, to do hands-on science activities in the Tucson metropolitan area.

Teacher Preparation Program, College of Science
The program provides science majors the opportunity to prepare for a career in science teaching.

Other Programs

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