For the first time, UA astronomers used echoes of light to determine the distance from a star to the inner wall of its surrounding planet-forming disk of dust and gas.
Initiatives aim to measure global warming’s impact on high seas and deep currents with increasing scope and quality using the Argo floats.
A UA researcher and her colleagues found a lull in Caribbean hurricanes during the Golden Age of Piracy corresponds to a low in sunspot activity.
UA researcher Julie Miller believes birds can help us understand the genetics behind language problems associated with Parkinson's disease.

UA Science: A Place of Discovery and Innovation

Joaquin Ruiz, DeanThe University of Arizona College of Science brings together globally prominent faculty in disciplines at the core of scientific inquiry and education. One of the largest colleges at the University of Arizona, we are a nexus of award-winning programs that encourage both independent and collaborative-driven research. Our academic departments, schools and research units encompass the range of physical, mathematical, environmental, cognitive and life sciences. UA Science is among the most powerful and prolific academic research centers in the world, recognized and rewarded for the unparalleled caliber of our achievements. With over 7,500 undergraduate and graduate students, we are an integrative learning institution, where accomplished faculty and next-generation scientists engage side-by-side in groundbreaking research. Our scientists and students also share their knowledge with the local and broader community through extensive outreach and public service initiatives. Our mission is to encourage the aggressive pursuit of research excellence, to support novel teaching and outreach programs and to create economic opportunities for our community.

Joaquin Ruiz, Dean

OSIRIS-REx Interest Grows as Launch Day Nears
The Lunar and Planetary Laboratory's annual open house had a buzz about it, with the launch of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft fast approaching in Florida. The mission represents "a turning of the corner" in the way that the planets are investigated, says deputy principal investigator Ed Beshore.
UA's Flandrau Planetarium Theater to Reopen After Remodeling
The venue now features new seating, acoustic enhancements and lighting along with an improved layout for its shows. Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium first opened in 1975.
2 Weeks to Launch for OSIRIS-REx Mission
After undergoing months of testing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the spacecraft, tasked with carrying out the first U.S. mission to bring back a sample from an asteroid, soon will be enclosed in the nose cone of its launch rocket. Then the countdown to the Sept. 8 liftoff will be underway.
Meet 'Adonis,' Europe’s Oldest Known Living Tree
Researchers from the UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research participated in an expedition that revealed the age of the tree, living in the highlands of Greece, as nearly 1,100 years.
Video Storytelling Technology Licensed to UA Startup
Developed by the UA media team that produced "Beyond the Mirage," the Filmstacker system allows users to create, share and discuss online mini-documentaries.

Undergraduate Research

The research opportunities available to UA Science undergraduates make this college a smart choice for students who want to grow academically, socially, and intellectually.


K-12 Education

Science and math-focused camps and workshops are available for K-12 students—each designed to deliver research experience through hands-on activity.


Tucson: Science Lives Here

UA Science invites you to experience telescopes atop of Tucson's highest peak, a century-old ecological laboratory and the world-class attraction, Biosphere 2.


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