College Of Science Workplace Climate Committee

Letter from Dean Joaquin Ruiz, January 2018

In January 2017, Dean Ruiz formed a Workplace Climate Committee. Members were selected based on recommendations of department heads and other groups in the college, including the College of Science Staff Advisory Council (COSSAC) and the Associate Graduate Council for the College of Science (AGCCS). The members of the committee are drawn from all departments and from all four employee groups. The committee is co-chaired by Lee Ryan, Psychology Department Head, and Brad Story, Associate Department Head, Department of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the committee is to foster a positive and inclusive work environment where all individuals – faculty, staff, and students – feel welcomed and respected, and their opinions are valued.   Our vision is a College of Science that is inclusive, diverse, and safe, where issues of workplace climate are discussed on a regular basis, and where workplace disputes are dealt with fairly and equitably.  To meet these goals, the committee will:

  • Address the concerns raised by the 2016 Climate Survey;
  • Develop and implement guidelines and tools to help identify and reduce bias and improve communications, based on empirically tested best practices;
  • Assist with the implementation of best practices in the college and departments through workshops and discussion groups;
  • Ensure that all individuals are aware of their rights and the resources available on campus to mediate workplace disputes;
  • Re-administer the climate survey in three years to monitor the College’s progress toward the goal of a positive and inclusive workplace;

Members of the committee do NOT adjudicate individual workplace disputes, or intervene or comment on specific situations that are more appropriately handled by the Department Head, the Dean, Human Resources, or the Office of Institutional Equity.  In such cases, individuals will be encouraged to seek advice from the appropriate office. 

If you have questions or comments for the Workplace Climate Committee, please contact:

Lee Ryan
Co-chair, Workplace Climate Committee | 520-621-7443

Brad Story
Co-chair, Workplace Climate Committee | 520-621-4090

Workplace Climate Committee Members


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