Community Science Scholars

The College of Science is pleased to announce the Community Science Scholars Program. This new initiative allows members of the local community to audit science classes at the UA for a reduced tuition rate. The goals are to increase the College’s engagement with the local community and give lifelong learners a chance to learn from our world-class science faculty.

Thirty classes are being offered in the Spring 2018 semester. They span thirteen departments in the College of Science, from life and physical sciences to mathematics. Examples include Science and Science Fiction, Introduction to Oceanography, Evolution of Modern Biology, Historical Geology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Astronomy and the Arts. Instructors include award-winning teachers, Distinguished Professors and department heads.

Participants in the UA Community Science Scholars Program:

  • Must apply to the UA as a non-degree seeking student under the Community Science Scholar program. 
  • Cannot be simultaneously enrolled under another campus (UAOnline, Main Campus, UA South, etc.)
  • Must choose from a menu of pre-selected science classes in which to be enrolled.
  • Must be enrolled as auditors for non-credit, meaning they can attend the classes and participate in discussions, but aren’t required to submit written work or take exams. 
  • Pay $150 for each credit hour ($450 for a typical 3-unit class), a fraction of what credit-earning students pay.
  • Are exempt from mandatory campus fees (with the exception of the state-legislated Arizona Financial Aid Trust fee of $25.25 for a 3-unit course).
  • May take up to two classes per academic year (they can both be in the same semester).
  • Get a free UA email account, and can purchase a CatCard for $25 for access to the UA Libraries and other campus services.

Fall 2018 classes start August 21st. A small number of seats are open to auditors, and they’re filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage you to start the process right away. On this page you will find information about the program. In particular, you will find:

(1)  The Application to enroll as a non-degree seeking student. For questions regarding this specific application, please contact Jennifer Bevins, Assistant Director of Admissions Processing, at (520) 626-9488. Go here for step-by-step instructions on how to apply.

  • Please note that Scholars only have to apply to the program once, as long as they complete a class their first term, AND remain continuously enrolled for each subsequent semester. Scholars who take a semester off must reapply for admission once they are ready to return.

(2) You will receive an email when you have been admitted, usually within 4-5 days. Next, there is a Checklist to guide you through setting up a UA NetID and UA email address, enrolling and paying for classes, and accessing course materials.

(3) You will choose your course list from the provided list. 

Fall 2018 courses will be posted shortly. 

(4) Finally, there is a set of Parking Tips to outline the various parking options while studying at the UA.

Once enrolled, please pay your tuition for your course as soon as possible. This will prevent any late fees being placed on your account. Tuition is due the day your class begins.

We look forward to seeing you on campus and hope you enjoy this new program!


Administrative: Camille Celaya, Program Coordinator, (520) 621-4091

Program Director: Chris Impey, Associate Dean

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