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The AGCCS (Associated Graduate Council for the College of Science) is a branch of student governance that represents University of Arizona graduate students who study in the College of Science. Graduate students in the sciences fill many essential roles in the university's research and teaching missions, and the AGCCS exists to address their academic, professional, and intellectual concerns in the College of Science and the university.

Best Practices for Teaching Assistantships
In the Spring Semester of 2013, the AGCCS surveyed current and recent Graduate Teaching Assistants in the College of Science. In response to our findings, we developed a series of recommendations, addressed to academic departments in the College, for what we believe are best practices for Graduate Teaching Assistantships.

One of our recommended practices is that, at the start of the semester, instructors of record and teaching assistants meet and agree upon an informal contract, describing each other's responsibilities and expectations. Here is an example contract, courtesy of the Department of Astronomy:

COS Training for Teaching Assistants
On 20 August 2013, the College of Science sponsored a one-day training program geared specially for new Graduate Teaching Assistants of the academic departments in the College. The Office of Instruction and Assessment shared their expertise on a number of topics (presented as one-hour workshops) that were pertinent to GTAs working in science education.

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