The Desert is Abuzz with Bees

The University of Arizona Insect Collection is collaborating with Pima Community College students and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to catalog every native species of bee in Tucson and the surrounding Sonoran Desert.

Astronomer Receives Packard Fellowship to Pursue Black Hole Research

Astronomy Prof Peter Behroozi was awarded a Packard Fellowship to get to the bottom of a long-standing mystery: How could supermassive black holes grow so big so quickly after the Big Bang?

New Study Presents 1st Genome Sequence of Florida Panther

A University of Arizona researcher and a UA alumnus are part of the team that is the first to sequence the genome of the Florida panther, and they’ve found evidence of increased genetic variation in the population.

Precipitation Extremes Driving Tree Growth Reductions

Extreme rainfall variability may cause long-term declines in tree growth for many trees in the western U.S., including the ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, piñon pine and bur oak.

UA Laser Technology Startups Receive Funding

Three companies formed to commercialize inventions developed in the James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences have received funding from UAVenture Capital.

Building a Pathway from Tribal College to Neuroscience Laboratories

A $1.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will help a team that includes University of Arizona researchers develop a program to help train Navajo students in neuroscience programs.

$3M Grant to Create Cybersecurity Modeled After Human Body

University of Arizona electrical and computer engineering researchers are training a future cybersecurity workforce and creating bioinspired methods for keeping computers secure.

Startup Licenses Carbon Fiber Tech to Treat Broken Bones, Receives Funding

An Arizona professor has has invented a flexible carbon fiber fabric designed to be inserted inside and around a fractured bone. The technology has been licensed to a startup and has already received venture capital funding to take it forward.

Students Tackle 21st Century Sustainability Challenges on the Navajo Nation

UA students working on food, energy and water insecurity among Indigenous communities build an off-the-grid water filtration system on the Navajo Nation.

Iron Magma Could Explain Psyche’s Density Puzzle

Volcanism has always intrigued humanity. Less than 50 years ago, scientists discovered cryovolcanism – ice volcanoes on other worlds. Now, researchers may have identified volcanoes of molten metal.


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