Robbins Introduces UA Science Series

The UA president's focus on the convergence of the physical, digital and biological worlds will be addressed by "Humans, Data and Machines," which launched Monday night with a lecture on algorithms and artificial intelligence by UA professor Stephen Kobourov.

UA in the Running for a New NASA Mission

The CAESAR mission, short for Comet Astrobiology Exploration Sample Return, would return a sample from a comet to determine its origin and history.

12 UA Graduate Students Named Carson Scholars

The cohort focuses on water, health, climate and other issues related to the environment and social justice to improve the quality of life for people in Arizona and around the world.

UA's Top Stories: Robbins, de Kooning and More

The UA generated headlines across the globe in 2017, as evidenced by our UANews list of top 10 stories. From the installation of a new president to the improbable recovery of a priceless art masterpiece, it has been another remarkable year in Wildcat Country. (UANow will resume on Jan. 9.)

'Humans, Data and Machines' Is Theme of UA Science Series

The annual lecture series, which kicks off on Jan. 22, will examine the scientific, technological, legal and personal impact of revolutionary change in the way we live and work.

UA's Angel Named as Fellow of National Academy of Inventors

The Regents' Professor of Astronomy and Optical Sciences founded what is today the Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab, where he has pushed the frontiers of large mirror making.

Steep Slopes on Mars Reveal Structure of Buried Ice

Revealed by the UA-led HiRISE camera, sheets of water ice beneath the surface on Mars hold clues to the planet's climate history — and might yield drinking water for future astronauts.

Jet Stream Changes Since 1960s Linked to More Extreme Weather

By using tree rings, a UA-led team developed the first reconstruction of historical changes in the North Atlantic jet stream prior to the 20th century — back to 1725.

Students Help Little Telescope Do Big Things

A four-year effort involving Kitt Peak's Bok Telescope and UA students helped a team of astronomers measure the masses of a large sample of supermassive black holes. Despite its modest size and advanced age of almost 50 years, the instrument keeps churning out big science.

UA Project Tackles Challenge of Making Safer Melons

With funding from the Department of Agriculture, researchers will develop new disinfectants, grow new breeds of melons, and educate farmers, retailers and consumers on safe practices.


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