Tracking the Movement of the Tropics 800 Years into the Past

A UA-led research team used tree rings to trace the north-south shifts of the tropics back 800 years. The scientists found that periods of tropical expansion coincided with severe droughts.

UA Engineering Students Help a Fellow Wildcat Walk

After suffering an aneurysm that left him in a wheelchair 19 years ago, Jeffrey Bristol is getting some assistance in retraining his brain and muscles to walk.

Fierce Winds Quench Wildfire-like Star Birth in Far-flung Galaxy

Astronomers have detected the most-distant galactic "wind" of molecules ever observed, seen when the universe was only one billion years old.

Drier, Less Predictable Environment May Have Spurred Human Evolution

Sediment cores provide evidence of a variable but progressively drying climate coincides with a major shift in stone-tool-making abilities and the appearance of modern Homo sapiens.

Mud from the Deep Sea Reveals Clues about Ancient Monsoon

UA researchers accessed untapped clues about monsoon activity in the Sonoran desert during the last ice age to help predict how regional climates may respond to future conditions.

Facebook Status: Sick. How People Use the Internet to Cope with Illness

In a new book, UA communication professor Stephen Rains explores how people diagnosed with serious illnesses turn to social media, online health forums and other digital resources for help coping.

The Butterfly Effect and the Future of Teaching Biology

In a cross-country collaborative class, a UA professor and a data science specialist help arm students for biology’s big data revolution by incorporating coding into the scientific method.

Prehistoric Vegetation Helps Predict Future Ecosystems

The current warming from climate change may drive a dramatic change in vegetation within the next 100-150 years unless greenhouse-gas emissions are reduced, reports a UA-led international team.

Startup Licenses UA-invented Aquatic Animal Growth Assay

How can farmers of aquatic animals quickly and efficiently select the top producing stocks for breeding? Benjamin Renquist has invented a new assay that answers this question, offering an easy-to-use assay that has been licensed to startup GenetiRate.

UA Licenses Deception-Detecting AVATAR to Startup

UA researchers have developed AVATAR, an interactive system that interviews border crossers, monitors thousands of physical signals and alerts agents when it detects deception.


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