Antarctic Ice Loss Ramps Up, Speeding Sea Level Rise

Antarctica's ice loss has accelerated in the last five years, reports an international research team that includes a UA geoscientist.

Planet-Forming Disks May Resemble Solar System 5 Billion Years Ago

The findings, published in the Astrophysical Journal, may provide insights into the birth of our own solar system.

A Summer of Learning, Deep in Costa Rica

UA junior Taite Nazifi has been working in the remote village of Longo Mai, gathering ideas for a web application to support river conservation efforts.

New Research Unveils True Origin of Ancient Turquoise

Geochemical analyses of ancient turquoise artifacts refute long-held claims that it was imported to Mexico from the U.S.

Big Data Is Only What We Make of It

In the final installment of the College of Science lecture series, the UA's Vincent J. Del Casino Jr. explains what defines big data, what its future holds and what it means for higher education.

No Volcanic Winter in East Africa From Ancient Toba Eruption

The supereruption 74,000 years ago did not trigger major environmental disruption that caused human populations in East Africa to decline, UA geoscientists say.

First Evidence of Ocean Warming Around Galápagos Corals

A UA-led team studied the natural temperature archives stored in coral and found the ocean around the Galápagos Islands has been warming since the 1970s.

UA Leads Project on Big Data and Black Holes

A worldwide collaboration has won a highly competitive award from the National Science Foundation to develop new ways of processing unprecedented amounts of data in real time.

To Buzz or to Scrabble? To Foraging Bees, That's the Question

Presenting bumblebees with various combinations of natural and artificial flowers laced with chemical and mechanical cues, UA biologists have discovered that for a bumblebee, foraging for pollen versus nectar is very different.

How Fast Is Greenland Melting?

A new analysis of Greenland's past temperatures will help scientists figure out how fast the island's vast ice sheet is melting, according to a new report from University of Arizona atmospheric scientists.


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