Tumamoc Hill Science Café

Series Title: The Tumamoc Hill Science Café

The Science Café at Tumamoc Hill provides speakers on topics that relate to the science, history, archeology, and educational mission of Tumamoc Hill, located to the west of “A” Mountain, near downtown. 
The talks are held in the library of the old Desert Laboratory, the buildings that are roughly half-way up the Hill. The staff asks that you make a reservation for the Science Café so they can have sufficient shuttle service for the participants. 
Please contact Cynthia Anson at cynthiaanson@email.arizona.edu or 520-629-9455 to reserve a seat.


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Tumamoc Hill Cliff Art
Photo by Ben Wilder

Fall 2017 Schedule of Talks:

Wednesday, October 11, 6:00 p.m.
Lepus alleni - Arizona's Super Hare

Presenter: David Brown, Adjunct Faculty, UA Natural Resources Studies and ASU School of Life Sciences

Details Coming Soon!


Wednesday, November 8, 6:00 p.m.
Beyond Cattle and Grains:  Adaptation to Climate and Socioeconomic Change in Rural Communities with Diversified Livelihoods in Sonora

Presenter: America Lutz Ley, Assistant Professor, Center for Development Studies, El Colegio de Sonora

People in rural Sonoran communities, as in other places of the world, adjust their behaviors not only in face of climate change, but in response to the combination of multiple types of stressors. This research shows that the livelihood profile -or what people do for a living- in the rural communities, importantly influences the type of stressors they perceive as a priority for adaptation. In general, modifications in the environment and climate events are perceived widely, but climate change as a large scale process is under-recognized in the Sonoran communities analyzed.


Wednesday, December 13, 6:00 p.m.
Borderlands Restoration:  Bringing back Water and Wildlife to Foster a Restoration Economy along the US-Mexico Border

Presenter: Ron Pulliam, Founder and Science Advisor, Borderlands Restoration

Details Coming Soon!



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