New students transferring into the College of Science from another institution must follow the process outlined by the Office of Admissions. Once your application has been accepted, you must schedule an appointment with your major program advisor to complete the orientation process to be eligible for course enrollment. See the list of advisors by major program.

Community College Transfer Students

Advisors recommend that you meet with them before you transfer, preferably during your first year of community college enrollment. To meet with an advisor, contact the Academic Advisor for your intended program. See the list of advisors by major program.

Pima Community College Transfer Students

In order to help you with the transfer process, sample 2 + 2 plans* for each major in the College of Science are listed below. (Please double check with your UA major advisor for updates to these plans.) These plans indicate a course of study that includes the first four semesters at Pima Community College, with the remaining four semesters taken at the University of Arizona. The sample plans are provided to help you reach graduation goals in four years and to help you understand the sequence of courses; most science programs have many specific pre-requisite requirements. You should also consider that some of these four-year plans may not work well with the AGEC or Associates programs at Pima Community College. It is not required that you complete an AGEC in order to be considered for admission to the University of Arizona. Please meet with an advisor at the University of Arizona as early in your academic career as possible to determine the best plan for you and your academic and career goals.

*Even though these sample plans provide a path to graduate in 8 semesters (or four years), many students will take longer for a variety of reasons. Physics is an exception to the plan, since the department recommends 1 year at Pima and 3 years at the University of Arizona to obtain a degree. The sample schedules indicate a path towards graduating in four years if a student so desires. It is more important that you pay attention to the sequence of courses and meet with a University of Arizona academic advisor as early as the end of your first semester at Pima and in some cases sooner.

Pima to UA Sample Transfer Plans

Another resource available for transfer students to UA from Arizona community colleges is the Degree Search website. You can use this site to search for information on each undergraduate major at UA. Tabs at the top of each major page allow you learn about the program, suggested 4-year plan, and courses that will transfer and apply to each program. Career information is also available.