STEM Outreach and Student Engagement Program (STEM-OSEP)

Through STEM-OSEP, UA undergraduates are able to earn university credit while helping increase the capabilities of local schools to offer innovative STEM programming. Students participate in a weekly 1.5 hour long course focused on issues of diversity and social justice in STEM fields; attend periodic trainings on teaching strategies for K-12 STEM education hosted by the STEMAZing Project of the Pima County Superintendent’s Office; and work for 8 hours per week with a local school assisting in the design and implementation of STEM educational initiatives.  Funded by the Marshall Foundation and the UA Student Engagement Strategic Investment Fund, this program enables UA students to draw on and enhance their academic training, while also helping local schools offer more hands-on STEM programs. 
The STEM-OSEP currently works to place UA students with 9 different schools/organizations and has opportunities for students with a background and interest in a wide variety of scientific disciplines including environmental science, physics, and science education. 

UA undergraduate students, K-12 schools, and educators
Science field(s)
Jill Williams, Director
Women in Science and Engineering Program

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