Prospective Students

Share the Sense of Discovery

The College of Science at the University of Arizona is place for undergraduates who want to:

  • receive excellent training for a future career or for graduate or professional school.
  • learn science through active participation in nationally and internationally recognized research programs.
  • share their enthusiasm for science with other undergraduates and faculty members through clubs in their discipline.
  • excite elementary school children about science through one of the numerous outreach programs in the college.

In their Freshmen Year Science undergraduates usually:

  • select a major right away, but may explore different scientific disciplines in the College before declaring a major.
  • take courses in their discipline the first semester, depending on their level of math preparation.
  • blend general education courses into their four-year program of study, rather than taking these courses all at once during the first two years.
  • meet with their advisors at least once each semester to plan their program of study
  • take small seminar courses (Freshmen Colloquia) in their major and in other majors throughout the university. These courses give students close interaction with faculty in a small group setting.

In recent years, the average incoming GPA for College of Science Freshmen was 3.43 and the average SAT (or equivalent ACT) was 1151.

Transfer Students

  • The first year experience for transfer students will depend on the courses already taken that might be transferred for credit to the University of Arizona.

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