The important strands of pure and applied mathematics are reflected in the departmental course offerings. Calculus, differential equations and modern analysis, probability theory and statistics, abstract and linear algebra, geometry and topology, number theory and discrete mathematics represent the main streams of mathematics. The computational side of mathematics is also amply reflected in the courses, as is the role of mathematical modeling. The department offers a wide range of courses aimed at the preparation of pre-college teachers. Most of our courses are offered in small classes, allowing students to interact with their instructors

Undergraduate Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Every mathematics major takes the same core courses: three semesters of calculus and courses in linear algebra, differential equations, and a writing emphasis course in analysis. After the core is completed a student chooses one of the six options: Comprehensive, General and Applied, Economics and Finance, Probability and Statistics, Computer Science, and Education. Each of these options requires either five or six additional upper-division mathematics courses. These options provide a great deal of flexibility in designing a course of study. Besides their course work, students are encouraged to apply for undergraduate research and teaching assistantships and for summer internships in industry and national laboratories.

Career Options
Problem-solving skills, combined with mathematical techniques, allow our graduates to pursue a myriad of possibilities. Our graduates can pursue careers as actuaries, computational scientists, operations research analysts, statisticians, and mathematics teachers. When mathematics is combined with studies in business or the sciences, students can work in the engineering and business fields. Many of our graduates have pursued post-baccalaureate degrees in business schools as well as areas represented in the colleges of science, engineering and medicine.

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