Honors College

New students who apply to the University of Arizona are automatically considered for admission to the Honors College. Students who are accepted into the Honors College must also select a major in one of the other academic units on campus (for example, a major in the College of Science).

Graduation with honors requires

  • 30 units of honors credit, including 6 units of senior honors thesis
  • overall 3.5 GPA
  • senior honors thesis

Many students in the College of Science who attempt to graduate with honors, are successful (41%). This is because the College of Science offers numerous honor courses (identified in the Schedule of Classes by an "H" after the course number), and most students in Science do independent research that serves as the basis for the senior honors thesis.

On average, 30% of the incoming College of Science Freshmen class are admitted to the honors college.

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Honors College admission and graduation requirements

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