Graduation Requirements

Generally, graduation from the University of Arizona requires a minimum of 120 units within a specific degree program, 42 of which must be upper-division. There is also a minimum cumulative and major G.P.A. requirement of 2.0. Some departments have additional requirements – contact the major advisor to determine specific degree requirements for graduation.

Important: Graduation from the University of Arizona requires a degree audit (also known as a degree check) in order award a diploma, and there is a $50 candidacy fee involved. Students are strongly urged to begin this process and file for degree candidacy before he or she registers for the last semester, but not more than 1 year before the planned graduatation date. See for more information. Late fees of $50 will also apply to students who file after the deadline. December/Winter session candidates must file for candidacy by September 1st of the graduating term, and May/Summer session candidates must file for degree candidacy by February 1st of the graduating term. 

For more information regarding the degree audit process

Degree Certification Procedures for Undergraduate Students in the College of Science

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