Students entering the College of Science as new freshmen from high school are required to apply for admission through the Office of Admissions. The admission requirements for the College of Science are the same as those for the University, and students may choose a major at the time of admission. Once the admission process is complete, students will be directed to sign up for New Student Orientation which takes place on the UA campus. Students will meet with the academic advisor for their intended program and enroll for classes during that event.  

In their Freshmen Year, Science undergraduates can expect to:

  • select a major right away, but may choose to explore different scientific disciplines in the College before declaring a major.
  • begin taking science courses or those within their discipline, depending on their level of math preparation.
  • blend general education courses into their four-year program of study, rather than taking these courses all at once during the first two years as some non-science programs recommend.
  • meet with their advisors at least once each semester to plan their program of study.
  • take small seminar courses (Freshmen Colloquia) in their major and in other majors throughout the university. These courses give students close interaction with faculty in a small group setting.
  • Get involved with public outreach programs offered at Flandrau Science Center, Biosphere 2, UA Science Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter and Tumamoc Desert Laboratory.

In recent years, the average incoming GPA for College of Science Freshmen was 3.43 and the average SAT (or equivalent ACT) was 1151.

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