Computer Science

Computer Science focuses on the science underlying the information age. Students and faculty in the department design computer networking protocols, create and distribute innovative software, experiment with wireless and mobile computing, develop computational biology algorithms, create novel programming languages, invent highly efficient algorithms for computer graphics, and push the limits of high-performance computing.

Undergraduate Degree Offered
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Classes and research experience in both the experimental and theoretical aspects of computation prepare students for the accelerating pace of advance in computing and its applications. The core CS curriculum covers software development and design, object-oriented and systems programming, computational theory, discrete mathematics, and computer design. Advanced and elective courses cover a wide-range of topics including databases, networking, compilers, algorithm design and analysis, software engineering, operating systems, parallel computing, computer vision, and graphics. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of research opportunities that allow them to join with faculty and graduate students on cutting-edge computer science work.

Career Options
Graduates are hired by a variety of companies to do software development in a wide-range of areas. Companies include national/international firms such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Motorola, as well as smaller companies both in Arizona and across the country. The B.S. program also provides a very solid foundation for students wishing to seek graduate work at the Master's or Ph.D. level in computer science and related fields.

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