The BIOTECH Project visits high school and middle school classrooms to conduct Biotechnology and Molecular Biology activities, such as DNA extraction and fingerprinting, cacterial transformation, protein electrophoresis, and PCR.  Our program offers a variety of laboratory kits as well as the equipment necessary to implement our experiments at a modest cost.  Additionally, the BIOTECH Project supports and assists teachers in developing new activities for their science classrooms - through professional development and classroom support, the we have worked with over 100 Arizona teachers to conduct molecular genetics activities with thousands of students each year!
6th – 12th grade
What We Offer

  • Specialized laboratory equipment and material loans
  • Engaging and hands-on lesson plans for middle- and high-school students
  • Classroom visits for modeling biotechnology activities
  • Professional Development workshops for teachers

Science Field(s)
Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Varies by class size and types of activities.  For more information on pricing, please go here or e-mail Nadja Anderson, our program director.
Dr. Nadja Anderson, Director of the BIOTECH Project at or (520) 626-4664.

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