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Student FAQ

  • What is 100% Engagement?

100% Engagement is the University of Arizona's commitment that all undergraduate students will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their academics to real-world challenges, through either an upper division course or non-credit applied learning experience through internships, research experiences, student leadership, and service learning.   It is through these experiences that students develop professional and personal skills, as well as reflect upon their learning in ways that ensure that they graduate prepared to launch meaningful careers or further their education.

When students successfully complete a 100% Engagement experience, they earn an Engaged Learning Experience notation on their academic transcript. Each engaged learning experience a student takes part in, whether it is for academic credit or not, will also be added to the student's Engagement Record.  

Each experience connects to one of the UA's Engagement Activities and to one Engagement Competency which reflect the unique strengths and values of the UA experience. Learn more about them here.

  • What is the difference between for- and non-credit engagement?

Credit-based engagement courses may be offered by an academic college or a department. Upon successful completion with a grade of C/P or higher, students will earn both academic credit for the course, as well as the engaged learning notation on their transcript. Students may also meet the criteria for graduating with this notation by registering for one of the University's approved non-credit experiences, which are not limited to the timespan of one semester. The Office of Student Engagement maintains a list of approved non-credit learning experiences at: ose.arizona.edu/experiences.

  • Where will the ‘Engaged Learner’ notation appear on my transcript, and how can I access this?

You can find a record of your engagement experiences both on your physical transcript, and through UAccess Student, under the Academics -> Student Engagement drop down menu.

  • Can I only do 100% Engagement opportunities through the College of Science?

Students are welcome to participate in any available engagement opportunity through the UA, provided they meet the minimum requirements for entrance.  

  • Where can I find a list of current engagement opportunities?

Non-credit engagement experiences offered on campus - including internships and paid opportunities - may be found at ose.arizona.edu/experiences

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