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Faculty FAQ

  • How do I offer a course as an Engaged Learning Experience?

The College of Science asks that all prospective courses to be offered for engagement be brought to our college-wide committee, where feedback and suggestions can be given from our departments. Once the committee is in agreement, you may go through your department scheduler and Room and Course Scheduling to add the course’s engagement attributes to the UA Catalog. 

Note that Engaged Learning experiences may be designated at the catalog level or at the section level.  At the catalog level, all sections of the course taught in all semesters will be associated with the chosen Engaged Learning attributes. When the plan is for only certain sections of a course to be taught via experiential learning, that will need to be clearly communicated to Room and Course Scheduling.  Course Attributes at the section level will roll from term to term, therefore departments will need to manage these appropriately to ensure only those sections in a particular term approved as Engaged Learning experiences bear the attributes.

  • How do I submit a non-credit Engagement proposal?

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) has provided an Engaged Learning Toolkit on their website to assist faculty and staff that are interesting in submitting a non-credit proposal.  These tools can be accessed here.        

Before submitting to the Office of Student Engagement, please send your proposal to the College committee for review. We will endeavor to give fast and thorough feedback. Upon consensus from the committee, you may use this link to access a link to the non-credit engagement proposal form and submit your information.

  • How do I grade experiential learning?

The College of Science requires that all 100% Engagement activities will include a summative deliverable that aligns with the goals of the designated activity and competency. Summative deliverables may be composed of one or more of the following:

  • Public presentation or poster
  • Written paper, 2-page minimum
  • Portfolio
  • Submitted manuscript
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Journal/blog/podcast
  • Student-designed product
  • Other summative deliverables will be considered by the Engagement Committee

OSE provides rubrics for thinking about how to assess Engaged Learning competencies and professional skills such as critical thinking, reflection, and problem solving that may be helpful in constructing these deliverables. These rubrics are available in the faculty toolkit linked above. OSE is also available to consult with faculty on their individual assessment areas.

  • Where can I find new engagement funding opportunities?

Funding opportunities can be found on the OSE website under the Faculty and Staff heading.

For more information, we’ve compiled a series of FAQs and how-to’s for faculty and staff.  You can find them at our box account, here.

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