Global Climate Change

Our planet is in the midst of significant global climate change that has great potential for affecting the way we live. Scientists are observing increases in temperature, changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans, shifts in water availability and vegetation, and changes in patterns of disease. UA’s College of Science is proud to present seven lectures that will discuss how climate interacts with our biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere and will offer ways to mitigate global climate changes through technology and policy.

Oct 17 2006
Global Climate Change: The Evidence

Malcolm Hughes, Professor of Dendrochronology

Oct 24 2006
Global Climate Change: What's Ahead

Jonathan Overpeck, Director ofthe Institute for the Study of Planet Earth and Professor of Geosciences

Oct 31 2006
Global Climate Change: The Role of Living Things

Travis Huxman, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Nov 7 2006
Global Climate Change: Ocean Impacts and Feedbacks

Julia Cole, Associate Professor of Geosciences

Nov 14 2006
Global Climate Change: Disease and Society

Andrew Comrie, Dean of the Graduate College and Professor of Geography and Regional Development

Nov 21 2006
Global Climate Change: Could Geoengineering Reverse It?

Roger Angel, Regents' Professor of Astronomy

Nov 28 2006
Global Climate Change: Designing Policy Responses

Paul Portney, Dean of the Eller College of Management and Professor of Economics

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