Math Corps Program

The cornerstone of the recruiting effort of the Center for Recruitment and Retention is the Math Corps Program, a program begun in the fall of 2001. Math Corps consists of a cadre of mathematics students from the University of Arizona who are trained by the Center to tutor mathematics in the secondary schools. Students begin their training in a one credit mathematics-tutoring course, Math 196A. During the semester they work 45-50 hours in the schools earning $10/hour. In the fall of 2001, 15 students enrolled in the course; three semesters later, in the spring of 2003, the course had become so popular that 52 students applied to participate. Unfortunately resources limited enrollment to 35. This fall, the number of Math Corps members, present and past, exceeds 140.

For More Information: Sue Adams, Department of Mathematics, 520-621-6866

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