Insect Discovery Graduate Course

This is a special 3-credit course for graduate students to strengthen their skills in teaching and communicating science. During weekly discussions, graduate students will learn techniques and strategies to encourage active learning, and put these skills to work during classroom visits to local elementary schools. The course will meet each week for a one-hour of discussion (see Schedule of Classes for time and place) and practice teaching. Graduate students will also spend a single 3-4 hour period per week visiting a school and providing classroom lessons.

The classroom visit activities focus on using live and preserved insects to teach elementary school students basic scientific concepts and skills. Activities can include handling and drawing live insects, observing and classifying pinned specimens, and conducting simple insect behavior experiments. Many activities have been developed through the Insect Discovery Outreach program, but graduate students will also develop and test new activities and lesson plans. Students will visit classrooms with the course instructor initially, then individually or in pairs with another student. In this course, you will:

  • Improve your lesson planning and teaching skills.
  • Help strengthen elementary science education for Tucson's children.
  • Have fun and be appreciated.

Prerequisites: Background in Entomology (General Entomology, Insect Biology or equivalent).

For More Information: Kathleen Walker, 520-626-5930

Related Website: Insect Discovery (ENTO/EIS 596A)

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