Teachers in Industry (MASTER-IP)

Teachers in Industry integrates paid summer industry work experiences in local businesses across the southwest together with either a focused Masters of Arts  in Teaching and Teacher Education or professional development credits. These activities are based in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines as well as teacher education & training. Teachers in Industry  focuses on guiding teachers to effectively bring their real world experiences into classrooms while building in-depth and practical knowledge of the workplace, and is open to all Arizona STEM teachers.

Teachers learn from immersion in a real-world industry experience and gain from their exposure to these organizations. In return, companies directly benefit from the skills and knowledge teachers bring to their workforce each summer.

We have been able, since the beginning of this program in 2009, to provide substantial tuition remissions through grants for teachers in the master's program. Our original grant was funded by Science Foundation Arizona, and for the current year and past summer (2013) we have funding by Freeport MacMoRan Foundation that allows us to cover 65% of the tuition for teachers in the master’s program. We anticipate that we will also get funding for summer 2014 and beyond, but we are never certain until spring. Provided we are able to get similar funding, we expect that we will be able to provide a similar amount of tuition assistance to teachers in the master’s program. The exact amount of that assistance is dependent on the amount of funding we receive.   

We have classrooms in Tucson, Chandler, and distance access for teachers in rural areas. 

Application reviews begin each year on about January 15, and the applications should be received by the end of February or early March, for the next summer.                                                                

Audience: Early career math and science teachers

Science Field: Mathematics

Science Topics: Mathematics, Biology, Atmospheric Sciences, etc.

Schedule: TBA

Cost: Contact Dr. Julia Olsen

Contact: Dr. Julia Olsen, Program Director, Teachers in Industry, College of Education, jkolsen@u.arizona.edu, 520-621-5682

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