Public Programs

Science and math competitions for individuals and school teams, discussion groups and educational conferences for teachers and parents, public lectures that feature some of the most distinguished scientists in the world. Physics Phun Night is aimed at creating excitement among young people through experiments and demonstrations. How about a television program that brings a math lesson into your own living room? Most of these events occur on a regular schedule. Check websites for current program or speaker information.

Life Sciences

AZ START - A partnership between state's three universities, the program links K-12 teachers with science research. 

Biology Courses and Workshops for Teachers - Offers graduate-level online courses and enrichment opportunities for middle and high-school science teachers. 

BIOTECH Project - Hosted by Bio5, the project allows for classroom demonstrations of biotechnology and molecular biology.

Biotechnology Laboratory for Arizona Teachers (BLAST) - Hosted by Tucson High School, this biotech lab gives Arizona students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience. 

Galapagos Marine Ecology -An undergraduate course built around giving students the opportunity to travel to the Galapagos Islands and study its unique ecology. 

General Biology Program for Secondary Science Teachers  - Offers graduate-level online courses and enrichment opportunities for middle and high-school science teachers. 

Herbarium - A accessible collection of over 400,000 plant specimens from Arizona and Mexico. 

Insect Discovery  - A program for elementary school students to enjoy hands-on activities with specimens and live insects

Marine Discovery  - Hosted at Flandrau Science Center, this program allows students to interact with ocean species: including a living tide pool, shark dissection, and other activities. 

Tucson Bird Count - In conjunction with Ariz. Game and Fish and the Audubon Society, this program is a citizen-science project studying the bird species in Tucson.

Tucson Hummingbird Project - Similar to the above, this project focuses on hummingbirds. 


Earth Sciences
Arizona Rivers Program  - Promotes education and training to study Arizona's rivers. 

ATMO Speaker Seminar - A seminar series focused on atmospheric sciences, open to the public. 

Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research - Hosted tours at the laboratory's new facility. 


Physics and Space Sciences
Astronomy Camps on Mt. Lemmon  - An immersion experience for students at the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center

HiRISE Operations Center-April Image Catalog, Over 250 new images in our monthly Planetary


Data System releases:

Kitt Peak National Observatory Visitor Center  - Visit the telescopes on Kitt Peak and learn about astronomy. 

NASA Space Grant Speakers Program - A speakers program for high-school, middle-school and elementary school students

Physics Alumni Lecture Series (PALS)- Brings alumnae to provide personal networking and mentorship programs for UA students. 

Physics Department Tours - An invitation to visit the Department of Physics at the University of Arizona. 

Space Imagery Center  - Events connected with the center's imagery and requests for speakers. 

Steward Mirror Lab Tours - Visit the foundry for telescope mirrors at this unique facility beneath the UA football field. 

Steward Observatory Public Evenings  - A lecture series hosted at the observatory on science topics. 

Teacher Observing Program  - Students can access and control telescopes to make direct observations using either the Internet or by visiting Kitt Peak. 

Tucson Area Physics Teachers Organization (TAPT) - Includes an educational and shadowing program for high and middle-school students. 


Mathematics and Computational Sciences
Arizona Teacher Initiative  - A program providing an opportunity for graduate students and teachers to collaborate on the development of material for K-12 mathematics courses

Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) - A program to improve teacher education in mathematics

Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as (CEMELA) - Helps teachers improve education for Latinos in mathematics. 

Collaborative for the Advancement of Teaching Technology & Science (CATTS) - A teaching program for advancing STEM

Do the Math TV Show - A video series for teaching mathematical concepts.


General Science

College of Science Public Lecture Series - A program devoted to public lectures on different science topics. 

Tucson GEAR Up  - Programs designed to prepare students for entry to college.