Arizona Teacher Initiative

Arizona Teacher Initiative (ATI) offers a Masters Degree Program for in-service Middle School Mathematics teachers through night and summer course work. The goals of the ATI program are to increase the mathematical knowledge and leadership skills of middle school mathematics teachers, to increase the number of university faculty with the ability to support effective teacher preparation and professional development, and to create a corps of secondary-certified mathematics teachers who have the knowledge and skills to take leadership roles in their schools in the areas of mathematics teaching and teacher mentoring.

There are two programs involved: the Masters of Arts Degree in Middle School Mathematics Teaching Leadership, and the Math Specialist in Teacher Mentoring. In addition, one year visiting positions for high school teachers are available. The primary audience is Middle School Math Teachers. The program also provides experience for university faculty interested in effective teacher preparation. One-year visiting positions are also available for high school teachers.

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Dr. Dan Madden
Associate Professor and Director

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