Arizona Project WET

Location: A Riparian Preserve located in Arizona


The inquiry process is the process scientists use to think critically and problem solve effectively. The Water Investigation Program (WIP) is a program conceived to develop these essential critical thinking and problem solving skills that enable youth to grow into informed citizens engaged in their society.

Audience: Grade 6

Science Field: Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Ecology, General Science, Hydrology, Mathematics

Science Topics: The Inquiry (scientific) Process: Students are designing their own testable questions and a scientific process to answer that question implemented when they visits a riparian preserve.

State Standards: All of Science Strand 1 as well as Science Strand 6 for 6th grade.

What You Get: A chance to experience a riparian area in this arid to semi-arid state

Schedule: The WIP field study will be a full day trip for 6th grade students to immerse themselves in a riparian area and a study of their own design.

Cost: EXCEPT Buses need to be paid for by schools.

Contact: Kerry Schwartz, Director, Arizona Project WET, 520-621-8196

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