AnimalWatch: Connecting Math and Science

AnimalWatch is a web-based tutoring system for algebra readiness. AnimalWatch provides motivation and engagement by having students solve colorful word problems about species at risk and their environments. The AnimalWatch tutoring program includes mathematics problems with authentic scientific information about endangered and invasive species around the world, including the White Shark, California Condor, Green Turtle, Takhi Wild Horse, Snow Leopard and many others. Students also build proficiency with basic math facts and math vocabulary with Skill Builder modules. Includes: user accounts for students, teacher accounts for assigning learning objective modules, online reports for tracking students' progress, and teacher access to online professional development resources.

AnimalWatch is designed for Grade 6, but it has been used successfully with students from Grades 4 through 7.  It has also been used in high school algebra classes when students need to review basic arithmetic and fractions topics before moving on.

State Standards
All materials in AnimalWatch are aligned to state mathematics content standards.  Planning guides are included to support mapping the activities to specific standards for Grade 6.

Science Field(s)
Earth Science, Ecology, Mathematics, Oceanography

Available any time via Internet access.

Free for schools and districts in Arizona, California and Massachusetts.

Carole Beal
Professor of Cognitive Science

Jane Strohm
Education Informatics Research Associate

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AnimalWatch: Connecting Math and Science

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